April 21, 2011

5 Love Languages

Lately I’ve been interested in learning more about the 5 love languages of children. You see, my son is an open book; his love language is clearly physical touch. He is currently the reigning snuggle puppy champion for the entire Northern Hemisphere. However, my daughter is an enigma. She’s never been overly interested in snuggling like her brother and I want to make sure that I’m affirming her in the right way. Now, in order to do the official love language test for children, your wee ones have to be at least five years old and my baby girl is only two. So while I wait to crack the code of my little diva, I decided to figure out my own love language.

Turns out that my highest score is ‘words of affirmation’ closely followed by ‘quality time’ and ‘receiving gifts’. Now this isn’t news to me or my dear husband. He is awesome at telling me he loves me all the time and regularly shares the reasons behind his love for me. When it comes to quality time, nothing makes me happier than just hanging out with the people who I love the most in the world and connecting with them. Come on into the ‘epic time machine’ with me, to the first time Dave and I hung out together as “friends”. We went to a dessert cafe for brunch and talked so naturally that we didn’t realize that the place was empty except for the tired servers or that we had been sitting there talking for 12 hours straight – from 1pm till 1am. Clearly quality time is super high on our list.

As for receiving gifts, when we were first married, hubby used to surprise me with roses cut from our garden all the time. Since we’ve had kids we have both been so focused on them that some things have fallen by the wayside – like the roses. However, I am not downcast because spring is in the air and that means summer is just around the corner. Our roses will soon be in bloom and I can’t wait to see the beautiful buds unfurling on my bedside table cut by the hand of my beloved. As for my daughter, even though she can’t take the love language test yet, I have a hunch. If I keep showering her with all five of the love languages, she will feel cared for, special and loved.

You and your loved one can both take the love language test below. There are two widget boxes, one for each of you. May your relationship be blessed as you walk through this journey of discovery together.

April 20, 2011

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!

Wordless Wednesday

April 16, 2011

Food…Glorious Food

Both of my kids have always been excellent eaters.  They have healthy appetites and are always willing to at least try something new.  I take as many opportunities as I possibly can to stretch their taste buds as much as possible.  My two year old daughter will devour an entire avacado if we let her.  She has also been known to practically inhale a curried chicken meal regardless of how spicy it might be (must be all those rotis I ate when I was pregnant with her, Mmmmm….roti).
My ten month old son seems to have inherited the family foodie genes.  He’s clearly bored with bland baby food and has been impatiently trying to grab at the delicacies on everyone else’s plates (like goat cheese and tzatziki.
All in all, I have no cause for complaints about my kids eating habits.  However, I am a bit worried that they’re going to eat me out of house and home when they become teenagers (lol).  Fortunately, that won’t happen anytime soon.  So, in the meantime, I will take every opportunity to enjoy all types of glorious foods with my kids!
Bon Appétit!


April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I think I found a good hiding spot…

Oh no, they found me! C’mon, let’s play again.

 Fun, fun, fun!

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April 12, 2011

Smart Phones and Kids Safety

Hey Moms,
I thought I would pass this along and encourage you to watch the video attached. If you’re too busy, then pick up your smartphone, go to your settings – location services – camera – (turn it off – don’t worry, it’s just the GPS). It won’t affect any of your other programs that require GPS like your maps but it’s that simple to keep the kids around you safe if you take pictures of them using a smartphone of any kind.
May you and your family be safe!