July 17, 2012

Favourite Family Photographs

As you know, my epic quartet just had our family photographs taken. While I was coming up with cool concepts for poses (not that our toddlers ever really comply), I pinned my favourites onto a Pintrest board.  These are some of my favourite family photographs.

Source: flickr.com via Epic on Pinterest




Source: designmom.com via Epic on Pinterest


Source: mymodernmet.com via Epic on Pinterest


Source: google.ca via Epic on Pinterest



So dear reader, which family photograph is your favourite?

June 29, 2012

Awesome Hair Accessories Giveaway

Nancy, the owner of Frilly Girly hair accessories said that she never would have imagined during her pregnancy that her daughter would be born with a full head of hair! After her initial shock (it lasted no longer than 10 seconds!), she felt excited at the thought of her darling baby girl wearing hair accessories to match all the cute little outfits waiting for her at home.

However, she found that it was nearly impossible to find stretchy headbands for newborns (who most of the time have only a small amount of hair), and even for toddlers or little girls. The ones she found were all the same style and colour, you guessed it: pink! So she decided to make her own.

Her Frilly Girly hair accessories business quickly expanded to include clips. Making all items with 2 non-slip strips was a priority so they stay in place more easily. She makes them all by hand so they are all produced in in small limited quantities; 50 or less in each style (most are 10 or less!). This means your chances of meeting a little girl wearing the same clip or headband as your little princess would be a rare occurrence. She also does her best to fulfill customized orders when possible. Even more so, certain items are only available for purchase on her Facebook Page specifically offered only to her followers, so be sure to “Like” her Facebook page to be informed when they are available.

Her current promotions include:

  • $1.00 shipping to Canada & USA for up to 10 items!
  • Facebook Page 300 Fans contest to win a beautiful summer headband
  • NEW! Customer appreciation: Buy 10 items and get a one of a kind item as a gift! (like a coffee place punch card, but for hair accessories!)

For  all the awesome readers of The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom, you have a great opportunity to win 2 Frilly Girly Accessories of your choice! 

Please enter below! 

Frilly Girly Play date

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If the Rafflecopter goes down again due to the outage in Boulder, CO, please just leave a comment below letting us know which hair accessory from the  Frilly Girly website is your favourite!


June 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Play date Fashion and Fun

Today we had a play date/photo shoot, and these two dynamic divas were spectacular.  The photos were for Frilly Girly hair accessories; please check back this weekend for a full review of the company and some awesome photos of the two belles.

Frilly Girly instagram photos

June 11, 2012

What to buy for Father’s Day

Dear Fashionistas,

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us are scrambling for the perfect gift to give the men in our lives. We are looking for something that fits their personality to a tee, something that they will appreciate, something that they will cherish, but most importantly, something that says, ‘you are truly wonderful and our family is blessed to have you’. Here are my top three picks for great father’s day gifts. For even more options, check out my ‘170 Father’s Day Gift Ideas‘ board on Pintrest.

Ciao for now,

From the friendly fashionista

Char (also known as Epic Mom)

1.) For the technology and travel enthusiast

If the man in your life is a photography enthusiast, then the Kata Pro-Light Backpack is the thing for him. It is an ideal tool for traveling photographers, the backpack features a tripod holder, a camera strap, and a padded laptop compartment. The greatest thing about this backpack, is that it protects your equipment during inclement weather.

Kata KT PL-BG-205 Pro-Light Bug 205 Backpack

2.) For the comic book aficionado

If the man in your life is a huge Star Wars fan, then the gift for you and your little guy to get him would be this wonderful book entitled, ‘Darth Vader and Son’ by Jeffrey Brown. It has been getting rave reviews across the board as a hilarious story about Darth Vader from a typical paternal perspective.  Check out the trailer below!

Darth Vader and Son (Star Wars (Chronicle))

3.) For the Fashionable Father

If the man in your life is a sharp dresser, he’ll appreciate these great items to keep him looking spiffy. You can’t go wrong with any of these basics. In a summer filled with bright clothing, he’ll look cool and collected sporting any of these neutral picks.

Happy Father's Day
May 30, 2012

Photo shoot with D.P. Photography

It was the day before Easter when I came to the realization that I hadn’t had any professional photos taken of JD since he was born. If you are a parent of two or more children, you understand exactly what I’m referring to. We tend to be diligent about getting pictures done to document the birth and events of our first born. However, when you have a second baby, it becomes so much more difficult. You’re exhausted, you’re desperately trying to figure out how to take care of two or more kids at the same time and once you feel like you’ve got a routine and you can breathe a bit easier, you look around you and realize that your little baby is now a toddler and you haven’t documented their newborn adorableness professionally like you did for their older sibling.

Well, overwhelmed with mommy guilt, I scoured craigslist to find a photographer to take our family photos. I knew Dave and I wanted some fun, artistically interesting photos that captured our family dynamic. After going through several photographers who were just not right for us, I found Deanna from D.P. Photography. Our photo shoot was held late afternoon, on a sunny yet chilly day on the U of T campus, and was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Dee’s a mom of two gorgeous little kids, so it’s no surprise that she’s wonderful with children, which is a true gift and skill with young ones. Our kiddies felt totally comfortable with her from the moment they met and took to her immediately.  She was very patient and flexible in the shot set up, giving directions for posing and yet was also very aware of everything that was happening and took shots in the moment when she saw a great opportunity.  For example the shot below of the family with me swinging Brie in my arms was taken after we were done our photo shoot, simply sitting together on the steps.    She was also open to my suggestions and input so it felt like a good collaboration between the two of us.  She’s extremely talented, prepared, very professional and after this shoot, I consider her to be a friend.  It was a fun experience for our entire family and we would definitely work with her again.

Here’s her contact information if you’re interested in booking a session with Deanna from D.P. Photography.

Website: D.P. Photography
Blog: Aperture Angel 
Facebook: D.Powell.Photography

E-mail: dp_photography@hotmail.com

These pictures are already gracing the table tops and hallways of our home. We are over the moon with how great they turned out.

Thank you Dee for capturing this special time in our lives!


Cheers to Deanna from D.P. Photography, you did an awesome job!

From: Char a.k.a Epic Mom