November 24, 2014

Pay it forward Potluck

We had a blast!!!  There was good food and great fun at our church’s Operation Christmas Child Packing Party and Potluck this past Friday night!

I love that I can teach my children how important it is to get together, mobilize, be active and intentional about making a positive change in their world. They are 5 & 4 and they know they have the power to make a difference.  My friends, I’m throwing out a challenge, it’s your turn to make a choice to ?#?bethechange?

How will you make a positive change in your world this Christmas season?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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April 1, 2014

You weren’t an accident…

You were not an accident quote

March 18, 2014

Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto

We recently went to Ripley’s Aquarium and had a phenomenal time. The kids were super excited to see sharks, stingrays, jelly fish and octopus and fish galore. Once you step foot on the movator, be prepared to experience what it would be like to stand on the bottom of the sea, but without getting soaked.

I couldn’t help but let you know some helpful tips for if you want to go. Buy your tickets online. Go early (like 9am), to bypass the crazy long crowds. Go on a weekday if you can. Bring a backpack with some snacks. Charge your camera and make sure you have enough memory to capture some amazing photos.

Epic Ripleys Aquarium Toronto

Ripleys Aquarium Epic

Check out some video footage of the aquarium below.

February 7, 2014

Olympic Torch craft for kids

I quite enjoy watching the Olympics and wanted to share that joy with my kids.  I tried to figure out ways to get them excited about it, but they really don’t have any experience with what the Olympics are.  So this week, I channelled my inner crafty mom and pulled together some items I had around the house and we made Olympic torches.

Olympic torch craft

You will need:

Empty toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll that you can cut in two
Aluminium foil
Red and yellow napkins or tissue paper


Wrap the toilet paper roll in aluminium foil.  Fold in the loose edges.  Layer the napkins, red, yellow then red again.  Pinch it in the middle, flick your wrist (like you do when putting tissue paper in a gift bag) and put the ‘flame’ in the toilet paper roll.  Voilà…you have an easy peasy Olympic torch.

Homemade Olympic torch

So far, we’ve had their friends stationed around the house and they’ve passed the torch to each other.  They’ve also had an Olympic torch race in the snow.   They seem to be getting a bit of Olympic fever.  I’m so glad that the games have officially begun.  Let’s go team Canada!  #WeAreWinter

We are winter


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February 4, 2014

In da hood…

It’s been a bit warmer over the past couple days and we’ve enjoyed walking in the neighbourhood, playing in the snow (making snow angels & snow people), taking pictures and having fun.  What have you been up to the last couple days?

Epic winter wonderland

ice on tree

winter sky

lights and snow

Epic winter wonderland 2