October 15, 2016

A cozy fall

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing in the fall like curling up with a good book, under a cozy blanket, leaning on a comfy cushion. It’s absolutely lovely looking outside and watching the gorgeous, changing colours of autumn – reds, oranges, browns, yellows, dancing and undulating in the breeze like fiery bright ballerinas. Knowing that before long I’ll be hearing the crunch of fallen leaves under my feet as I go exploring with my little ones, but for now, it’s enough to hold something warm in my hands and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Hope you’re enjoying the many pleasures of autumn too my friends! xo





  1. That does look cozy. I’d like to sit their with some cocoa and read awhile.

  2. Ohhhh that blanket looks fabulous


    • It sure does, doesn’t it Molly! Today’s quite rainy and I find that soft, cozy blankets and a cup of tea, make rainy days quite special. 🙂

  3. Love those photos. Makes me want to take a nap!

  4. Coffee and a warm blanket, sounds nice. My son and I like to crunch the leaves too, as we walk to and from school.

    • I’m always baffled by how much I love crunching the leaves under foot even though I’m a grown up. Oh well, I guess on some level, we’re all still kids at heart lol. 🙂

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