February 14, 2013

School Valentines

Last week my kindergartener had to make Valentines Day treats for her classmates and teachers. It was fun to see what everyone else was doing and put our own spin on it. For her little friends we sent home brightly coloured bubbles with a fun message. It turns out having kids chase bubbles in the snow is a fun activity.

Valentines for kids

For her teachers and other staff who interact with her daily (principal, secretary etc.), we gave them photos of Brie holding an organic lollipop with a sweet message attached. They were really touched by the words of appreciation.

Kids Valentines for teacher1

Now with the lollipop attached!

Valentine's for teacher

As you can imagine, Brie’s Valentine’s treats were a big hit. It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to give the people at your children’s school a good Valentine gift.

Now here’s a special treat for you.  If anyone is still scrambling to make a last minute Valentine’s for their children’s friends from school, music class, dance team, sports team etc.  Here is a free download of my Epic Kids Valentines that’s guaranteed to make your children’s friends bubble with joy.


  1. How cool!

  2. How lovely! Thanks for linking up! x

  3. I love the simple homemade gifts!


  4. Love the idea!! She is adorable!

  5. The valentines turned out cute. The bubbles are a great idea for our schools that don’t allow any candy.

  6. She is so pretty and what a great idea! That is such a cute picture. Have a great weekend!

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