August 7, 2012

A review of: Rebekah Grace – The Practically Perfect Princess

Today I will be video reviewing the book, Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess by Jennifer Humphries and Nicki DiCampli.

This book was a fun read for me and my three year old daughter. Brie was over the moon that Rebekah was the same age as her and I was tickled pink that it shows little girls that it’s perfectly OK not to be perfect.

Click below to watch our review of Rebekah Grace – The Practically Perfect Princess

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  1. Hi Char,

    It is rather difficult to relate to the Paper Bag Princess, isn’t it? Although, I LOVE Robert Munsch.

    You know which books I would recommend for starting kindergarten, is the Rosemary Wells books with some of her other characters (not Max and Ruby) but Yoko, Nora, Fritz, etc. She also does the Timothy Goes to School ones. I like that these books focus on what happens in kindergarten. I think all of these books are available in French at your local library. Good luck! Do they have full day JK now in Ontario. When we were there, it was still only 1/2 days.

    • Hey Renee, thanks for the book recommendations. Full day kindergarten has been introduced in waves over the last few years in Ontario. Brie’s school is full day though, so she’ll have to get used to not being with mommy and her brother all day. I’m going to check out the Timothy goes to school books right away because she’s absolutely in love with that app. Thanks again for the suggestions. 🙂

  2. I was wondering about this book. I keep seeing it around. Glad your little girl enjoyed it. I loved the look on your face when she said she plays well with her brother! lol I can relate. 😉

    • Hi Renee! The book is definitely geared towards little girls, they’ll see themselves and their actions in the pages whereas it’s a bit harder for them to see themselves in the pages of other princess books like ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ at this point. Oh, and I’d love to know if Dominic has any book pics for kindergarten since Brie starts in a few weeks. Please include French favourites since she’ll be going to our local French Immersion in SK. 🙂

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