May 5, 2012

Planning a Baby Shower

I love to plan parties! So it’s no surprise that when my friend Laura got pregnant, I was over the moon about being able to plan her baby shower. I decided to send personalized online invitations using cocodot, and since she’s a huge Michael Bublé fan, I had one of his songs playing in the background of the card. Then it was time to start gathering ideas. I knew I wanted it to be a ‘Baby Shower Tea Party’, so I started looking for interesting and super cool ideas, and pinning them on my Pintrest baby shower board. Here is my party planning guide to throwing an ‘epic’ baby shower.


Choose a colour scheme: This shower’s scheme was chartreuse and white. This is perfect for a spring baby shower because it’s bright, fresh and serves as a metaphor for new life.

Tie it all together: I built an extension to my dinning room table so everyone would sit down together and break bread with the mom to be. I even broke out my sewing machine and made a white table cloth to fit the extended table. I’m telling you, I totally felt like Martha Stewart as I was planning this shower. I then pulled my decorations together with clear vases filled with chartreuse and white fresh flowers and white bone china tea cup and saucer sets.

Fun activities to do at a shower

Have a onesie station: All the guests can get creative and decorate their own onesie for the new baby. Tip: Have onesies ranging from 3 months to 12 months so the mom to be can remember this special gift time and again over the next year.

Return address: Supply thank you cards to the guests and have them write their address on the envelopes, that way when it comes time for the mom to be to send thank you notes for the gifts, she doesn’t have to worry about finding everyones addresses.

Personalized game sheets: Personalize your baby shower games by pulling in the theme from the invitations in the header of the game sheets you pass around. Here are some links for free templates of the baby shower games I made.  Sweet, sweet baby, Nursery rhyme game, Baby animals match, and the Games answer sheet. Feel free to add the mom to be’s name in the header to personalize them!

Food, glorious food

Classic yet modern: I served tasty modern tea sandwiches and wraps, had a cookie station, and beautifully designed mini cupcakes. There was lots of other foods like tea biscuits and scones with homemade jams, killer brownies, mini cinnabons, banana/coconut bread (thanks Carol), to a beautifully tiered carrot cake (thanks Laura Z).


Lovely teas: The teas were from my favourite tea shop in all of T-Dot, called Tealish. I served five types of tea, a traditional Lady Grey with lovely hints of lavender, my personal favourite and a staple in my household, ‘Toasted Almond’, a spunky fair trade organic Rooibos named ‘Zesty Ginger’, a light Rooibos tea named, ‘Sweetie Pie’, and the hit of the party was a lovely herbal tea called, ‘Pink Dragonfruit’.

Carol and Jessica were my esteemed sous chefs who helped me to concoct a beautiful raspberry mint ice tea, using Tealish’s famous ‘Moroccan Mint’ as a base, and I must say it was a smashing success. Thanks ladies!!!

My Favor-ite Things

For party favors: Everyone got to choose their favourite Tealish loose leaf tea, which I then put into tea bags for them to take home and enjoy.


It’s important to have a checklist when you are planning a party, so as a special treat, I decided to add a copy of my baby shower planning checklist for you.  Have a great time planning your next shower and don’t forget to enjoy the party.  Trust me, your guest will appreciate being hosted by someone who’s well organized , relaxed and fun!



  1. Hey Char;
    I loved reading this post because I was so curious about how you pulled the whole shower together! For example, I noticed how long the table was, but I had no idea how it got that way. I loved the onsie idea and it went over really well with all my friends. The food was all so lovely and i could definately tell how much thought went in to each selection — from the tea flavours, to the mini cupcakes to the cookie station, everything was so well-appointed and lovely. You truly know that “the love is in the details”!
    Thanks again for everything – you did an amazing job!
    Love, Laura

    • Awww, thanks sweetie!!! You know I had to pull out all the stops for my friend! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself and it was great connecting with all your family and friends. Tell Carol that I want the recipe to that awesome coconut banana bread she made, it was SO yummy! Hey, I was thinking that you should get Lee to design one of the onesie’s for her little sister, I can give you the fabric markers anytime you’re ready. Anyway, see you soon hon!
      Char 🙂

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