April 4, 2012

Siblings becoming best friends

Sometimes I look at my kids and get chocked up a little.  Where did the time go?  My babies are running around, playing with each other, laughing and becoming best friends.  It used to be where an afternoon spent in the back yard meant me holding them in my arms, reading a book or singing to them softly.  Now, they’re independent, older, not just walker/talkers but kids.  And as they run around, I can feel my heart soar with gladness and wrench with a bit of sadness.  I miss my little babies, but I love these awesome kids to the moon and back!!!

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  1. Your children are absolutely beautiful! I have loved every stage of my children, but once they became friends and playing and taking care of each other there is something very special about that.

    Just hopping through 🙂 and signed up for emails and to follow. I am glad to have found your blog!

  2. They grow up so fast, don’t they? I just wish I had the power to stop time, so I can revel in each moment with my daughter.

  3. great pics I love the effect of the sun…happy WW!

  4. They are beautiful children how fun for them I know what you mean bout time flying and that tug on your heart. by my first granddaughter has just had her 3rd birthday with an imminent baby brother about ready to make a show, and my other live-in granddaughter is about to turn one. So hard to leave her her to visit the others, but then I miss them terribly if I don’t. They just grow too quickly.

  5. Know what you mean, kids are so adorable as toddlers. But after that stage, they become so independent. I miss those times they were cute little critters.

    • When you’re in the thick of it, it seems like it will go on forever. The days seem long and I can’t wait for hubby to come home and relieve me a bit. But watching their independence grow, it all seems so fleeting. I’m going to try to savour every single stage – that’s my new resolution!

  6. Yay for built in playmates! They’re both so cute!!

  7. So cute, love those curls!!

    • We’re huge fans of ‘the curls’ in this house but we’re thinking of cutting his hair into a fro hawk this summer. We’re still trying to figure out if that’s crazy or creative?!?

  8. Adorable kids! Thank you for linking up. I LOOOOOOVE Canada – can’t wait to go back.
    And your blog is adorable! ** I am your newest follower!

    xoxo, bree

  9. Fun shots! Have a great WW.

    My entry.

  10. What cuties! I totally understand the sentiment…the days go slow but the years go fast…there is no better job than “Mom”!

  11. I love this blog, so true bout them growing up so fast, i cant beilive my daughter is 6 this year my son is jst a toddler but i think how much i missed out on my daughters baby/toddler years cause i worked all hours god sends then became a full time mum after the split!

  12. Fun pictures! Very cute kiddos!

  13. Having four kids, where the oldest is 24 and my “baby” is 17, I totally understand what you’re saying. I look at these grown people, and am amazed that they came from my body! They continue to make me proud!

    Your little ones are beyond cute!

  14. what beautiful happy kids!

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