December 14, 2011

A Review of Celebrity Cruises

As you can tell from my ‘Where in the World was Epic Mom’ photos, I absolutely love to travel.  Forget just sitting on the beach, (although I like to do that too), I want to soak up the essence of the country I’m going to.  I want to see the sites, listen to the folktales, eat the foods and experience the culture.  I enjoy encountering fellow travellers and comparing notes about our experiences.  I have journaled my travels for many years and it is my belief that to truly capture the essence of any experience, you need to document it using as many senses as possible.  During this holiday season, I will be soaking up the sites and looking forward to sharing this new epic adventure with you!

A Review of Celebrity Cruises coming in the new year!

Bon Voyage!


  1. Thanks for the hosting!
    New follower here!
    Love your blog layout BTW.

  2. we took a cruise this summer for our family vacation…something to do for everyone…and the food..sooo yummy!

    • I would waddle to the show every night with my belly super full (lol). What was your destination? And did your family choose to do any of the shore excursions? If so, what was your favourite one?

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