September 20, 2011

From the Vespa to the Mixer

So let’s dish readers, what’s your favorite appliance?


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  5. OMG that is the sexiest mixer I have ever seen!
    Loved this video you tied the red in really well from you “before” vision with your “now”
    Great video, loved it..
    and now I want a mixer.

  6. Ha ha ha, when the video of your mixer came on, that was so cute and funny. I think you love your red kitchen aid. My favorite appliance would have to be my Dualit toaster. It’s one I just got and I’m completely in love. 🙂

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  11. Kitchen Aide Mixer = AWESOME
    Love the way you put this together. Maybe it’s not a Vesa but hey, it’s red and sexy!

    I love mine! (even though hubs bough me boring white)

  12. The vespa sure would have been fun, but look at all those treats you can munch on with the mixer!

    • How true Kimberly. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the amazing yummy delicacies that comes out of my mixer…sigh…this is so tough but I guess I’ll manage!-)

  13. LMAO!!!! Awesome Vid Char! LMAO i’m dying of laughter hahahahahaha!

  14. Oh so very clever! I love the songs you used.. Mambo Italiano to Whose That Girl… so funny. Hey don’t stop dreaming about that Vespa… you go girl… you’ll need something to zip on over to deliver me some of those yummy treats:)

  15. Ha! So funny. I would take a mixer over a Vespa any day and I barely do anything in the kitchen. I would eat all of those treats.

    • Then I’ll definitely have to share the treats I make in the Mixer with you. It’s important to note that I tend to feed people till they’re stuffed. I can’t help it; it’s cultural!-)

  16. Great job with your vlog! I’m sure as a mom you’ll get more use out of a stand mixer than a Vespa. But someday – maybe when your kids are grown – you could revisit the Vespa dream.

  17. I love it! No, you definitely can’t make those treats with a Vespa. But, the vespa would’ve been fun. I love the Kitchen Aid mixer, too. I’m so jealous of your glass bowl – they didn’t have that option when I got mine. Great video!

    • OMG(osh), the vespa would have totally been fun. But I have a dream of being a 50 year old (classy) hottie riding around on a vespa…I gotta keep the dream alive!-)


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