March 25, 2011

Oh, the pressure!

J-Lo you go girl!  She looks absolutely fierce after two kids but as an ordinary mom without an entourage of people taking care of my every need, there is no way I can measure up to these ridiculous beauty standards.  Yet, I still feel the pressure.   Like Jennifer, I’ve had two babies, but that is where the similarity ends because I’ve still got my post baby belly as evidence that I did, in fact, carry my children.  Now, I’m not hating on Jenny from the block or any of these other super looking mamas.  But seriously, cut a sister a brake already!  You know what, spring 2011, I’m just going to do me.  I’m not measuring myself up to these unrealistic expectations of women.  Instead, I’m going to adapt to these new changes in my body the way that I always have, with resilience and aplomb! 


  1. Great job Epic Mom!

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