February 5, 2016


As an avid lover of all things pretty and fashionable, I learned how to budget when I was a stay at home mom. I decided that it was utter criminal to doom myself and my kids to a life-time of fashion drabness. So no, I absolutely had to fight again the utter injustice of it all (insert wink here)! Please bear with me one minute while I get on my soap box…alright I’m ready, thank you for your patience. Now where was I, oh right…no, absolutely not! When I first had my daughter I would stroll along the hallways of my local posh mall checking out all of the adorable little outfits that you know she would rock. I would hold up Mexx Kids, Baby Gap and H&M Baby outfits with my mouth pursed and my eyes narrowed all in an attempt to find the outfits I liked the best. Nothing but the best for my little mini me. And let me be honest, it was completely and utterly fun!

Fast forward to the future, with two kids I’ve realized that there is no way I’m spending that kind of money on outfits anymore. However, just because money doesn’t grow on trees, it doesn’t mean a fashion conscious mama and her babies can’t look chic. So, I stay on top of what’s hot and instead of strutting down the halls of my local posh mall with a latte in one hand, pushing my red bugaboo stroller in the other (yes I do miss that life), you can now find me checking out second hand sales, mom to mom sales, craigslist and kijiji and happily saying yes to my girlfriends hand me downs.

Armed with the seasonal trends seared into my mind, I leap and bound to alternative shops to save the fashion day for me and my kids. Which brings me to my point, if fashion is one of your passions, don’t let budget worries get in your way because there are ways to get fabulous fashion for less, as long as you’re creative. If you are buying second hand clothing like me, stand tall (chest out and butt tight) and remember what Lee Milton said, “people seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile”!

So here are some fashion inspirations that will take you through most seasons. Use this as your look book, then scour the country side to find these fabulous fashions for less!

Ciao for now,

From the friendly fashionista