November 16, 2017

Hot heels for fall and winter

As the holiday season approaches, it usually comes with invitations to parties. That means, getting all dolled up and looking fierce and fabulous. Often we focus on finding the right outfit, but every outfit needs to be topped off with a great pair of shoes. Looking for some inspiration? Here are my top picks of hot heels for fall and winter. Which one would you wear?

September 27, 2017

A couple benefits of lavender essential oil

The last exciting essential oil I’ll be discussing in this series is lavender. How can lavender oil be a benefit to you? It’s uses are countless but here are 3 significant ways that lavender essential oil can be a benefit to you today!

1.) It helps relieve stress and anxiety. Isn’t that awesome! Simply apply 1-3 drops behind your ears and gently massage it in to help you relax and reduce stress. Having a stressful day at work, going through exams at school, or busy running around to evening activities with the kids? Lavender essential oil is a natural, effective and simple solution to your daily stress! It’ll help you calm right down.

2.) It will help you sleep better. Simply rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms, then breathe in deeply in order to calm your mind. Mist it on your sheets or smooth it on your pillows. These simple techniques will help you to fall asleep and even more importantly, stay asleep.

3.) It helps you manage migraines. Migraines are sometimes caused by stress, anxiety, hormonal changes and sleep deprivation. Simply apply 1-3 drops of lavender essential oil to the temples. To help your oils last longer, go ahead and use it with a carrier oil. You can also rub it at the back of your neck. Simply doing this will help to ease any feelings of nausea, reduce anxiety and relieve headaches.

Hope these tips about peppermint essential oil will help you to have a healthier fall and winter season. Click on the highlighted link to read a little more about or get some lavender essential oil.

September 27, 2017

A couple benefits of peppermint essential oils

To continue in this essential oil series. The next powerful essential oil I’ll be introducing you to is peppermint. Curious about how you can use peppermint oil? Here are 4 good ways you can use it in your daily routine.
1.) Muscle pain relief. Are you someone who tends to have an aching back, sore muscles and tension headaches? Peppermint oil is quite helpful in soothing all of those complaints. Simply mix it with a carrier oil and rub it topically, on the affected area to gain some relief.
2.) Sinus and allergy relief. Dealing with clogged nasal passages and a scratchy throat? Peppermint oil acts as an expectorant. It’s quite effective at relaxing the muscles in your nasal passages to help you clear out your nose. Just diffuse and inhale it in order to get some sinus and allergy relief.
3.) Fever reducer. If you or anyone in your family, including a child, has a fever – simply mix peppermint oil with coconut oil and rub it on your neck or the child’s neck and on the bottom of their feet to help stabilize the fever.
4.) Mid-day BOOST! Do you have a hard time staying awake during meetings or during classes at school? Place 1–2 drops of Peppermint on your finger tips and then place your fingertips on your temples and rub. Or simply open the bottle and inhale deeply. This will invigorate and cool you, and give you a natural boost of alertness.

Hope these tips about peppermint essential oil will help you to have a healthier fall and winter season. Click on the highlighted link to read a little more about or get some peppermint essential oil.
September 18, 2017

A couple benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

As the kids start school again, as autumn soon begins, as winter comes right behind it. One thing is for certain, cold and flu season will be coming.

As you know, lemon essential oils are great for many things like:

Cleaning surfaces.
Purifying the air.
Helping to clean your body.
It aids in digestion.
Supporting respiratory function.
Promoting a more positive mood.
And removing toxins from the body.

How do you use lemon essential oil during cold and flu season? Here are three simple ways.

1.) Rub a few drops of lemon oil on your chest or throat when you feel congested. Repeat several times daily. Now remember, you can’t overdose on lemon oil, so this is definitely another great reason to use it!

2.) You can also diffuse lemon oil into the air for help with respiratory problems.

3.) Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to your hot tea, or drink it with warm water and honey to help soothe a sore throat.

Hope these tips about lemon essential oils will help you to have a healthier fall and winter season.


July 11, 2017

Renew You!

Hey mama! Yes you! You who’s trying to juggle so many things. You who’s burning the candle at both ends. You who’s doing so much but it feels like you’re not making a dent. You who has to carry so many responsibilities on your shoulder. You’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and can’t seem to shake that constant feeling of mommy guilt. If you’re ready to find more balance in your life so you can focus on what’s most important to you. Well, I’ve created a space where you can come, relax, read and rest. Where you can find original resources to help you on your journey to self-care. If you’re looking for affirmations, meditations, scriptures, self-study e-courses, workbooks and other resources, come on over to Renew You.  There, I will provide resources to help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine, so you can feel energized and encouraged to begin the journey of improving your mind, body and soul. Pop by to Renew You!