April 3, 2013

Packing kids luggage for travel

Traveling with kids is a fun and interesting experience for the whole family, but I figured there were a few things I could do to try and make it easier for us. For example, most of the excursions on the boat requires us to meet our tour guide at the pier early in the morning so I thought that instead of rushing around every morning trying to find something for the kids to wear before rushing them off to breakfast, maybe I can adopt one of my summer travel strategies to make life easier.

So for our cruise this year, I organized all their outfits in ziplock packages, two for each day for each kid. For my little girl, a morning bag would contain shorts, shirt, hair stuff and accessories. An evening bag would contain a dress, cardigan, hair clips/headband, necklace and bracelet. For my son, his daytime bag would contain simply a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, whereas his evening bag would contain a dress shirt, tie, dinner jacket and a pair of shorts/pants. The great thing about this system is that if the clothes get wet or stained, I can simply put them back into the ziplock bag where they won’t dirty any of the other outfits, and transport them back home to clean properly. The other great thing is, you bring less stuff with you on the plane because you know exactly what you need before you go. It’s a great system that I wish I had thought of before but am so happy that I’m able to utilize now. Oh, and the bags that I use for the cruise will stay in their suitcase and be reused for camping this summer  and hopefully next year too.

Epic crusing with kids packing list

In the past when I’d pack my kids clothes for camp, I tended to pack way too much stuff and by the third day (for the life of me) I couldn’t make heads or tails of what they’d already worn from what was still clean. It took me a while, but I finally realized that planning ahead made life so much easier. So last year I started making checklists for our excursions and putting their outfits in ziplock bags, and low and behold it made our holidays run much more smoothly.

To take some guess work out of planning your next travel adventure, click here to download my free ‘Cruising with kids’ checklist.

cruising checklist

March 27, 2013

Fashions for little boys

Here is an easy snapshot of what you can pack when you’re cruising with little boys.  Swim wear and sand toys for the beach.  Casual clothes for excursions.  Dress shirts or suits if you opt for formal dining.  Pyjamas for bedtime.  Lastly, a hoodie and raincoat for chilly or wet weather.  Trying to decide what to pack can be one of the hardest parts of heading off on a family cruise, so I hope this helps to simplify things a bit.


March 19, 2013

I’m going home!!!

It’s been two and a half years since I last saw the island of my birth, Antigua.  I’ve been daydreaming of lying on one of its 365 white sandy beaches, soaking up the warm rays, listening to the soothing waves of its turquoise waters lapping against the shores and eating some fresh, local cuisine.  I’m a few weeks away from enjoying its beauty and splendour but thought I would share a bit of my native paradise with you before I go.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy.


Source: flickr.com via Epic on Pinterest


March 15, 2013

Mom’s beach list

Hey mama fashionistas,

As I start pulling together my outfits for our Southern Caribbean cruise, summer fashions are dancing through my head like sugar plums.  Wow, that was practically poetic, lol.  Anyway, I couldn’t help myself, I had to create this quick, handy guide to what’s trendy for the beach this summer and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.  The great thing about this guide is that you can find these items anywhere, and at any price point.  It’s time to treat yourself mamas.  So go forth and pick some simple pieces to jazz up your wardrobe and help you look even more fabulous when you’re strutting your stuff on the beach.

Here’s my Top 10 Epic beach vacation checklist:

1.) Play around with bohemian, floral, animal, chevron prints etc. to accentuate your outfits.
2.) Essentials. Don’t overlook things like sunscreen and lipgloss, they all work together to create a polished look.
3.) Brightly coloured shorts or capris can help to rejuvenate the basics in your closet.
4.) Fun flip flops are an inexpensive way to jazz up your feet.
5.) Fun accessories like bangles or a necklace add a certain pizazz.
6.) Sunglasses. Try a fun new shape like cat eyes, square, round or aviators.
7.) Retro one piece swimsuit. Channel your inner pin up girl.
8.) A straw hat to protect you from the sun. Maybe you should try wearing a this summer.
9.) A simple sarong can be worn several ways by wrapping it around your hips or tying it around you as a top or a dress.
10.) A beach bag with a funky print, stripes or a pop of colour will complete your look.

Ciao for now,

From the friendly fashionista

Char (also known as Epic Mom)




Bon voyage!

March 14, 2013

Cruising with kids series

epic cruising with kids 2

Dear readers,

Over the next few weeks I’ll be running a new feature on my blog entitled, ‘Cruising with kids’.  Hubby and I have cruised before both on the WindStar and Celebrity Cruises and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Now we feel ready to start introducing our kids to this type of travel and I have to admit, during this planning process, I’ve felt quite apprehensive about what kinds of things will happen.  Will JD try to jump overboard or throw a tantrum in the middle of a formal dinner (he’s definitely hit the terrific twos stage) or will Brie get motion sickness for the entire week (the poor dear has a difficult time on long car rides)?  However, if I allowed all of my worries to overtake me, I’d never travel with my little guys any further than a two hour radius from our house.  We wouldn’t have any international adventures as a family until they get older, but at that point, they won’t want to hang out on vacation with their dad and I.

epic envelope

The cool thing about this trip is that their grandparents from both sides and my aunt are coming with us.  We’ll be vacationing as one big multi-generational, multi-racial family and I’m over the moon about it.  This trip offers us phenomenal possibilities to create wonderful memories with each other which is super exciting.  Life is short and precious, so I’m not waiting to spend intentional, quality time with the people I love.  We’re going to do it now, while our family members are all in relatively good health and mobile.  Oh, and did I mention that this is the ten year mark for hubby and me?  You know what that means!  We are taking the time to renew our vows on the beach in Antigua, the island of my birth.

cruise kids 1
So here’s what you should expect over the next few weeks: posts about packing, summer fashion tips, checklists, gear giveaways, reviews about island excursions, review of a wedding planning company, and the stark honest truth about cruising with kids.

I’ll keep you travelistas posted.