May 18, 2011

Having a blast at the Maple Festival

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May 10, 2011

What I am

As a stay at home mom, sometimes you question how you are parenting your kids.  Are they having enough social time with other kids their age (which is difficult when your kids are in different stages)?  Are you investing enough quality time with each kid individually?  Are you bringing out the best in your kids?  Are you modifying their difficult behaviour with gentleness and grace?  You spend so much time second guessing your actions, when your intentions all come out of love.   

The other day I was hanging out with my two baby BFFs checking out some videos on You Tube and we really got excited when we played this jam.  Isn’t it funny how a Sesame Street song has now entered my vernacular as a ‘jam’!  Anyway, as we danced around my daughter’s room and I started singing along, I realized that I found a little gem.  A kids song that’s fun, cool and has a great message.

This song is a wonderful lesson in self acceptance for your kids but it is equally a great reminder for us stay at home moms who don’t get quarterly evaluations, raises, bonuses, benefit packages or promotions to validate the work that we do.  Mamas, we ought to hold our head up high and know that the work we do is an act of service and even though we’re not compensated in the same way that the rest of the working world is, the gift of ourselves to our children is priceless!  So come on stay at home moms, even though we don’t get enough appreciation or validation.  Even though by the time our hubby get’s home we are covered in spit up, jam and breast milk.  Even though potty training isn’t going well and your baby is boycotting baby sign, we never quit.  And the more we work at being stay at home moms the better we get at it.  We get stronger and our families get stronger too.

May 6, 2011

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May 5, 2011

The new life of a former fashionista

I’m a former fashionista forced to budget since I’m now a stay at home mom. However, does that mean that I should doom my kids to a life time of fashion drabness? No, absolutely not! One minute while I get on my soap box…alright I’m ready, thank you for your patience. Now where was I, oh right…no, absolutely not! When I first had my daughter I would stroll along the hallways of my local posh mall checking out all of the adorable little outfits that you know she would rock. I would hold up Mexx Kids, Baby Gap and H&M Baby outfits with my mouth pursed and my eyes narrowed all in an attempt to find the outfits I liked the best. And let me be honest, it was completely and utterly fun!

Fast forward to the future, now I have two kids under two and there is no way I’m spending that kind of money on outfits anymore. However, just because money doesn’t grow on trees, it doesn’t mean momma’s babies can’t look chic. So, I stay on top of what’s hot and instead of strutting down the halls of my local posh mall with a latte in one hand, pushing my red bugaboo stroller in the other, I am now checking out second hand sales, mom to mom sales, craigslist and kijiji. Armed with the seasonal trends seared in my mind, I leap and bound to alternative shops to save the fashion day for me and my kids. Which brings me to my point, if fashion is one of your passions, don’t let budget worries get in your way because there are ways to get fabulous fashion for less, as long as you’re creative.
Here are some of my favourite spring 2011 trends for toddlers. And if you’re now buying second hand clothing like me, remember what Lee Milton said, “people seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile”!

Here are some cute fashions for spring 2011 that would work well regardless of your budget.

Ciao Bella!

May 2, 2011

Who’s Your Mama

Summer was in full bloom.  The sun was high in the sky, birds were singing their songs; flowers were dancing in the wind.  The world seemed vibrant with new life, hope, and beauty.  It was six weeks after I had given birth to my son JD and I couldn’t wait to go to the park and meet up with my mommy friends.  It had been weeks since I had seen them all at Brie’s friend’s second birthday party.  It had gone on for almost five straight hours so it’s not surprising that my labour started a few hours later (I partied that hard).  Anyway, this was the first time I was seeing everyone again and I took extra care getting me and the kids dressed.  When all of the bows were tied, hair clips were in and matching the outfit, sunglasses were perched on our noses and hats were set at jaunty angles…we were off.  I was excited because this was my first time using my brand new double stroller.  My friend came down the street to pick us up and then we were on our way to the park. 

As we strolled into the pre-schoolers section I was surrounded by all of my mommy friends, nannies, caregivers, grandmas, and their kids.  Everyone wanted to meet the new baby!  As I greeted them all I realized there was a woman who I hadn’t met sitting on a bench watching us talking.  After the meet and greet died down a bit, I went over to introduce myself to her.  Imagine my surprise when she asked me “who’s their mom?”   “Pardon me?” I replied.  Then she repeated, “Her hair is so straight, who’s her mom?”  Instead of taking offense I decided to introduce us, “This is my daughter Brie, she’s two…”  “Nooo!” was the response.  Before I could continue with the introduction she was already intimating that I must be watching the baby for someone else because he looks so white (this was before Jds colour had come in and his eyes were still blue).  To this I patiently replied that he was my six week old son.  Anyway, I then told her it was nice to meet her and went back over to my friends.  A few minutes later, she came up to me and asked if she could take a picture of me and my son.  I politely said “No!  I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.”   At this point I was fuming inside.  How dare she pester me about how incredulous she finds it that these are my kids?  Now don’t get me wrong, I am aware that our kids don’t entirely look like either me or my husband.  And I think their features showcase the best of us.  I have a sense of humour about the kids not looking exactly like me.  After all, my friends have been continually teasing me since my daughter was born about her ‘lack’ of curls, and my Filipina girlfriends have told my kids to call them Tita (auntie) because they look more like them than me or my husband.  The hard part about this for me was that I didn’t know this woman at all but she felt like she could challenge me and insinuate that I’m the nanny posing as their mother. 

If I had a do over, I still would have been polite to her but sometimes a girl’s got to vent.  So here’s the deal lady…I carried both of those babies, I felt them kick, I saw my body grow bigger and bigger with new life and watched both of those babies slide from my body.  They are my kids.  So we don’t look exactly the same, welcome to the 21st century; we’re an interracial family and this is what we look like.  The next time you decide to marginalize a mother and tell her that her kids don’t look enough like her, remember that modern families no longer fit into the 1950s nuclear family archetype.  We don’t have to be carbon copies of each other to carry the title “family”.  And for the record, I will answer her question one final time, “Who’s their mom?”  Lady, I am their mother… you better recognize!