March 26, 2018

Easter Traditions for You and Your Family

I absolutely love the holidays because they offer a great chance to get together with my family. To connect, have fun, enjoy some delicious food and create lasting, positive memories together.  After a long, cold winter season, the Easter holidays can be a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring! Like other holidays, Easter comes with its own traditions that’s unique to your specific family.  Whether you’re starting new traditions or celebrating old ones, it’s always fun to explore some great new ways for you and your family to celebrate the holidays; so why not try some of these activities for Easter this year?

Painting Easter eggs
Painting eggs for Easter is a fun craft to do as a family! You can choose to paint the eggs in the days leading up to Easter or use it as an activity for the day of. Either way, your kids will have a great time creating their own designs on their eggs. You don’t have to stick to the traditional way of dying eggs. Check out these creative ways to dye your Easter eggs to mix things up! Who knew you could use shaving cream or whipped cream for a fun marbled design or do an ombre painted egg? A bonus is you get a yummy snack to eat after they’re all done and dry!

Hide the Easter baskets
Nothing is more exciting as a child than waking up to a basket filled with goodies on Easter Sunday! Take this tradition up a notch and hide the Easter baskets around the house for your children to find. Make sure each child has a distinct basket for them to look for with these Easter basket ideas. Be creative with your hiding places so they’re not too easy to find. Hide a basket in the dryer or under the coffee table. Your kids will have a blast looking for theirs, and at the end, they get to enjoy the treats you put inside for them!

Go to church as a family
Easter isn’t all about candy and chocolate eggs! Remember the real meaning behind the holiday and take the time to attend church as a family. It’s such a treat to celebrate with your church community the hope and grace of the Easter season. Then when you get home, you can all enjoy a yummy brunch together! Try out some of these make-ahead Easter brunch recipes so you’ll have something yummy waiting for all of you when you get back. While you’re eating, you can go around the table and have everyone share about how they’ve experienced God or deepened in their relationship with Him over the past few months since Christmas!

Watch a good movie
Speaking of Christmas, who says that has to be the only holiday where your family gets cozy on the couch and watches a movie together? When there’s a lull in your busy day, gather everyone in the family room and watch some Christian movies as a family. Everyone can bring one of their favourite treats from their basket to munch on while watching, and it can be a great time to relax and just spend some quality time together!

Do an Easter egg hunt
Easter is filled with eggs: Painted eggs, cream-filled eggs, and plastic eggs filled with candy! Plan an Easter egg hunt for your kids and hide some eggs around your backyard or around your house. Give each child a basket to collect their eggs, and don’t keep score! Everyone wins because they get to keep the eggs they find and eat whatever’s in them. If you want to make it more interesting, these unique Easter egg hunt ideas will give you tons of alternatives to a regular hunt!

No matter what traditions you choose to celebrate with your family, remember to enjoy each other’s company on a holiday like Easter. We are truly blessed to have our families in our lives, so take a moment to reflect on the important things in the midst of all the fun. What are your family’s Easter traditions? Comment below and share your ideas!

December 18, 2017

New Year, New You!

As we transition into 2018, I want you to share with you a few words of encouragement.

*First, the world needs you! It needs the unique light that only you can bring to it. So keep striving to be your best you, keep loving on the people around you and keep making a positive difference in your corner of the world.

*Second, remember to fill your heart with gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for; so many blessings in your life. Give thanks for the small and big things. It’s so important to keep giving thanks with a grateful heart.

*The third and final thing is to set your intentions for the new year. I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions per se, but I do think there’s something amazing about setting an intention live happier, to choose to be healthier, to love more fully and to contribute in meaningful ways to the world we live in. So go ahead and set some intentions for the new year that resonate well with your values and who you are.

Og Mandino said, “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” So set the intention to plant some good seeds, be grateful for what you have and keep striving to be your best you. Sending you good vibes, positivity and blessings for the new year.

Btw, in 2018, I’ll be running a 30 day ‘Mind, Body and Soul Transformation Program‘ where I will give you tools and resources to help you make healthier eating choices, build a more positive mindset and get into a deeper relationship with God. If you’re ready and open to making this kind of positive change in your life, then you can join by simply clicking this link: New Year, New You!

January 10, 2017

Setting goals with grace

So often we jump in feet first with resolutions, I’m going to go down 2 dress sizes before Valentines Day, I’m going to exercise every single day, I’m going to stop that bad habit and never pick it up again. Can I make a suggestion? Instead of saddling yourself with a New Years resolution, how about marrying your goals with grace!

What if you chose 3 things that you would incorporate more of, instead of taking things away. Psychologically, you’d be more inclined to continue doing it. For example, you could choose to start your morning by meditating, praying or saying 3 things you are grateful for. You can choose to go for a walk or get a breath of fresh air on your lunch hour. You could choose to make a list of your action items for the next day, every night before bed. The idea here is to declare a life where you add value to your daily existence. That way, instead of focusing on deprivation, you’ll instead focus on your abundance.

January 10, 2017

Remember that you are awesome!

You are beautifully and wonderfully made! You are here on this earth for a purpose. You are meant to make your mark, in this moment in time.  I can’t stress enough, what a miracle it is that you are here. So embrace who you are!

Sometimes, we are our worst enemies. We would never talk to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, but this year give yourself a chance to start afresh; start anew. Every time you start to criticize yourself…STOP…and find something positive to say about yourself instead. Before long, you’ll start loving the remarkable, complex person that you are, in a way in a truly significant way.

November 8, 2016

My mantra for today