February 5, 2016


Fam Jam

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. My name is Char and I’m a wife to the kindest guy in the world and mom to two gorgeous kids.

In my previous life, I was a career guidance counsellor in an at risk neighbourhood and even though it was intense and kept me super busy, I absolutely loved it!

But, once hubby and I decided to have kids I knew I really wanted to take that same intentionality and put it towards my own family.

So I jumped feet first into at-home parenting. Years later I became a blogger, started running an educational scholarship for young adults, managed an intergenerational outreach program, took the leap and launched my own social media marketing company and eventually became an independent consultant for a relational marketing company.

Brene Brown says, “To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” As you can tell, relationships matter to me. As I learn and grow, I want to keep encouraging others to do so too. I want to shine brightly, live boldly and cheer loudly for those around me. My friend, I hope you (yes you) are ready to come on this epic adventure with me.