March 1, 2011

About me

Hi my name is Char.  My husband Dave and I got married eight years ago and it has been a wonderful, adventure in every possible sense.  In our life before children, I finished my graduate studies; worked in the social outreach and education field for a few years and then it dawned on us… it was time! So the first thing I did, was book a photo session with a photographer to document my pre-baby body (I also did this with my baby filled body) to capture the moment we were in and celebrate the journey we were on.  Then hubby and I decided to skip across the pond for our last hurrah as a twosome.  We soaked in the sites of Italy, Greece, the Greek islands and Turkey.

As we traveled over those ancient lands and cruised those spectacular seas, we dreamed of our children.  We dreamed of the day that we would see them and hold them and in our arms.  We ate delicious delicacies, soaked up the sun, explored the culture and by the time we got home, we knew in our hearts, minds and spirits that we were ready to be parents.  It took us a while to conceive our daughter Brie (that was a complex time of anxiety and hope).  In February we went to an adoption information session in and by March after filling out all the paperwork we realized we were pregnant.  When she was born, we couldn’t get enough of her; to us she was the most beautiful baby in the world. I whisked her to baby salsa classes and to mommy and me classes, the science center, museums and art galleries.

Nine months later after the birth of our daughter I was pregnant again.  My husband describes this time in the best possible way.  He says, “it’s like God is sitting up there and he has this amazing gift for you and he doesn’t want to give it to you for your birthday or for Christmas.  He wants to wait until the perfect time to give you this gift and he is excited because he chose this gift specifically for you and he knows it’s going to bring you so much joy.  Then one day, he feels it, the time is just right and he gives you the gift.  And you’re so filled with joy because God loved you so much he’s giving you this truly thoughtful present.”  And that’s what JD is to us, a beautiful and wonderful surprise from God.  JD is a laid back baby boy with a charming smile who gives the best hugs.

I remember the day when we brought our little guy home from the hospital, his big sister was so excited she ran out the front door onto the porch, she got down to his level and she said “hi JD, I love you!”  And that is when we felt it; all was right with the world.  And we knew then that we were ready to begin our epic adventure together!

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