May 8, 2017

30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

I’m a total foodie. However when a friend told me that she managed to improve her sluggish, tired feeling and increased her energy level I knew I had to know more! Turns out she was doing the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge.

So I jumped on board, cutting out inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, refined sugars, peanuts, caffeine etc. What I incorporated into my meals instead, was way more vegetables, fruits, lean meats, poultry, fish and healthy fats. When I signed up, I got my own challenge kit with protein powders, fibre, energy sticks, detox tea, a 7 day cleanse and a helpful support guide. I was also included in a closed Facebook group where I got support and encouragement to keep eating healthier, weekly menu plans and ingredient shopping lists which made sticking with the plan super easy because it took the guessing work out of it.

I’ve now been following this system on and off for a year and I’m still loving it. I’m always looking for people to join me on the challenge so we can help keep each other accountable. The challenge starts the first Monday of every month. If you want to join in, click here to get your very own 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge Kit and kickstart your journey to healthy today.

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