January 26, 2014

Epic Grammy Dresses

Dear fashionistas,

The 2014 Grammy Awards red carpet was covered in style tonight.  From Kacey Musgrave’s Swarovski encrusted nude tulle number to Katy Perry’s musical ensemble.   From Pink, Miranda Lambert and Colbie Caillat’s red hot outfits, to the number of solid gold gowns glittering the night away.  What about a couple true blue, figure hugging pieces, and don’t forget that sheer (yeah you heard me) zebra print number gracing the gorgeous Paula Patton.  What a fashion(tastic) night.  So, it’s time for you to weigh in, which of these beautiful dresses is your absolute favourite?

Ciao for now,

From the friendly fashionista

Char (also known as Epic Mom)

Grammy outfits nude tulle - Katy Perry

Epic Emmy 2014 Red dresses

Epic Emmy 2014 Gold Dresses

Epic Emmy 2014 dresses Grammy 2014 photos from google images.


  1. wooooow…gorgeous indeed….love the blue et red collections! cheers from Indonesia…

  2. so wish paula patton would get a new stylist. This is the second event where she has worn the least attractive dress.

    • Sometimes I worry that she doesn’t want to try to show anyone else up at these events. After all she’s so gorgeous, maybe she feels that she has to wear subpar dresses in order to dim her style light or we’d all be blinded by it lol 🙂

  3. red always is an catcher for me!!!!

  4. Goodness I don’t know the names. I like the one with the music notes on it.

  5. Fabulous fashionista 🙂

  6. I think Taylor Swift looks absolutely stunning in her dress! She’s covered up and looks sophisticated.
    I don’t like deep décolletage, so Melissa Lambert and Alicia Keys dresses aren’t in my taste.
    The neckline on Colbie Caillat’s dress makes it took too “stuffy”.
    And in my opinion major transparency should be reserved for your intimate apparel… so Beyoncé, Zendaya Coleman, Paris Hilton & Paula Patton for example should have thought twice before choosing their dresses.

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