January 20, 2014

Choose to serve…

As a mom, I serve all day, everyday. Many might think there is no choice when it comes to this act of service, but there is. I choose to approach parenting with a joyful heart, not worrying about whether my kids value and appreciate the effort I put into everything I do where they’re involved. Some days this is easier to do than others. What I’ve realized though, is that I do all of these little things in the name of Christ – just like Dr. Martin Luther King encouraged us to do in his sermon adapted from Mark 10 in 1968. I do these little things in hope that all the love notes in lunch boxes, kisses on boo boos, phonics to silly dance moves, toothbrush parties, homemade costumes that fall apart (I sure ain’t no Martha Stewart lol), cookie baking sing alongs, all of the seemingly inconsequential little things I willingly do, are a blessing to my children now, will be a great blessing to my children in the future and I hope that one day, they will choose to serve their families with joy, grace, love and thanksgiving too.

MLK quote

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