March 6, 2013

Sun Protection Chic

Dear Fashionistas,

It’s a scorcher in the part of the world where we’ll be vacationing in a month. If you are lucky enough to be going somewhere hot for March Break, living in a warm climate, or anticipating the wonderful rays coming your way in a few months, you may be thinking about the most effective sun protection for your kids. If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time chasing around your kiddies trying to apply sunscreen to them.  However, they’re so wriggly, you’re not quite certain if you did a thorough job.  If your kids are old enough to apply it themselves, you give them the autonomy to do so but still worry whether they missed a spot or two.

As much effort as we put into applying sunscreen to our offspring, we are still painfully aware that sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher isn’t enough to block all those harmful rays. An effective way to provide sun protection to children is to dress them in items made of UV sun-protective clothing. Here are some super cool clothing options that along with the proper application of sunscreen will help protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun.

There are lots of great places to find UV sun-protective clothing for children both locally and online.    Some of my favourite places to get some totally cool sun safe clothing for kids are: Scandinavian Minimall (Petit Crabe)MEC Kids and NoZone – a Canadian that specializes in UV protective clothing.  Here is a list of NoZone retailers across Canada.

However, my hottest new find is K&J Sun Protective Clothing.  They are a t-shirt company who’s tagline, ‘where hip meets health’ sums up their clothing philosophy.  They sell 100% cotton graphic tees for kids that block out 99% of the sun’s harmful rays without any additional chemicals.

If you need any more ideas of how you can provide extra sun protection to your kids while still having them look chic check out the pictures below for inspiration.  Also, for the parents who are planning to send their children to camp this summer or are taking them camping or to the cottage, you can print off my handy dandy Epic Mom’s Summer Checklist for Kids to make packing all their stuff so much easier!  And feel free to check out my post entitled, Camping with kids, it has a free; detailed Camping with kids checklist that you can download.

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