March 1, 2013

Brie’s black history month adventure

As you know, February was black history month.  We had a blast taking the kids around the city to enjoy some of the cool events that celebrated the black and Caribbean parts of their heritage.

February was also our first parent/teacher meeting; when I asked my daughter’s teachers what they were doing to celebrate black history month in their classroom and they said nothing, I asked if I could do something age appropriate to create awareness and they welcomed the idea.

So Brie and I pulled together the footage of some of the things she did for black history month and cobbled together a video for her classmates.  I also made a correlating personalized colouring sheet for each of her little friends.  Here’s the link to the pdf,  I modified the name section at the top so your child can personalize it themselves.  Feel free to print out the sheet for your kids to colour: Black History Month Colouring Sheet.

We love going to cultural festivals and celebrating other peoples heritage.  It feels great to know that our kids are learning to value their culture the way that we’ve taught them to appreciate the diverse myriad of other cultures represented in our fair city.


  1. Hi, That is just awesome, I love the print out as well. It is great that you were there to fill the gap and to instill in your child as well the importance of community.

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