February 8, 2013

Winter, I’m breaking up with you!

It’s been snowing constantly since yesterday here in the T Dot and all I can say is, I’m SO over winter. I’m dusting off the sled this morning just to get my baby girl to school. That’s right, not the car, or the stroller. The easiest thing to get me up the hill today is…a sled.

It’s time for some sunshine and warmth. Winter, I’m breaking up with you. I’m going to give spring a chance, after all, I heard he brings a girl flowers, he’s quite warm and he has a gift of brightening your mood. Sorry winter, it’s just not working out between us; I think we need to go our separate ways.

winter breakup

Anyone else tired of winter, shovelling snow and bundling up from the freezing cold? Drop me a line below to let me know if you are still enjoying winter or if you’re looking forward to spring.


  1. Definitely tired of the cold! Bring on the summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Winter is snow fun!

  3. snow away already!

  4. Ya I would have to agree that I am soooo over winter!!!!! The cold serves its purpose of course, but I am ready for the sunshine hehe!

  5. Word. About two days ago I hit some sort of breaking point and declared myself officially OVER winter. It can move on now! Be gone with you! GAH.

    Here in Ottawa it’s -15 today, feels like -26 with the windchill, and 20cm of snow expected. Now that’s a boyfriend who just can’t let go. MOVE ALONG, WINTER.

    • Holla!!! OMG(osh) Lynn, you guys from Ottawa are hardcore! At this point I think most Torontonians are ready to call it an ‘official state of emergency’ and call in the army to dig us out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. This is only our second canadian winter so I don’t thnk the novelty has worn off yet! We love the snow. I am sure that will change with years of shovelling it!

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