February 3, 2013

Camping with kids

There’s something about camping in the great outdoors – the fresh air, the beautiful stars at night, campfire smell, s’mores, hanging out by the lake… there’s just something about camping. We always knew we wanted to camp with our family, to introduce our children to what it was like to unplug ourselves from the rest of the world, sit under the stars, sing campfire songs and just enjoy being a family together.

Inukshuk at Killbear Point

The first time we camped with both of our kids, our daughter was two years old. Our son was one and he slept peacefully on my back in the baby carrier while we worked on setting up our campsite. We taught our little two-year-old daughter how to hammer in the tent pegs, and later we sang songs around the campfire till we were ready to collapse in our sleeping bags, contented after a full day of working hard, laughing and playing.


This past summer we were able to take our kids hiking to a lighthouse, build sandcastles, investigate innukshuks, splash each other with water in the lake, pick wildflowers for our picnic tent, and take a night tour to hear the sounds of nature. We have sat on the beach at night marvelling at the stars, looking for the big dipper. At moments like this, I’ve been filled with an absolute sense of rightness knowing that is no where else in the world I would rather be than having this epic adventure camping with my family.

Epic Family at Killbear

To take some guess work out of planning your next camping adventure, click here to download my free ‘Camping with kids checklist’.



Epic Mom's Camping with kids checklist


  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. You have gorgeous kids, they are really cute. Camping also allows you to cope with stress. City living is very fast-paced and you always feel like you have to keep up with it all the time. This causes stress. One of the biggest advantages of taking your kids camping is that it will inculcate in them a love for nature.

  2. LOVED camping w/my trio- some of our best memories are from those trips. Of course, living in Florida BB doesn’t do heat or bugs so the trips were during “winter” and boy did we enjoy them!! Looks like your family enjoys camping too. It really is a great vacation. Here from the Wherever Wednesday hop; BB2U.

  3. What a beautiful time! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! We don’t do much camping out here in Texas because it’s usually too cold, too hot, too allergic, or too buggy! But when we went back to California a couple years back we camped in the backyard of my Dad’s home…which is in the California mountains right next to a national forest, so it totally counts! (We looked at camping in nearby campsites but they have become so expensive lately…what happened to $10 a night! It was $60 a night…TO CAMP!) We couldn’t stay in the house anyways because since my dad had gone into retirement it had been taken over by mice (and was far from kid friendly otherwise too), so we actually camped the whole time we were there while we cleaned up/fixed up the house.

    • Wow it sounds like your family had a great camping adventure together right there in your dad’s backyard. You just proved, it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with that counts. Thanks for sharing Gale!

  4. Cute Family! Looks like you had a lot of fun. We love to camp too! I pinned your list to my Camping board on pinterest. Thanks for the post!

  5. oh my friend this is a fabulous post!!! love the photos too. My husband loves camping and he takes our grandchildren. I will eventually have to go too,giggle. I keep avoiding it. xo P.S. thank you for sharing at the hop

  6. great tips! thank you so much.

  7. My family went camping every summer and it’s one of my favorite memories of what we did together. But now that I’m married with eight children with a husband who really isn’t into camping (he likes his own bed too much!) we do indoor camp outs with the children – and they love it.

    • That’s a fantastic idea Theresa. My in-laws backyard is quite big and I think it would be fun to have all the cousins camp out in their backyard in the summer when they get older. It’ll be a special treat! Thanks for sharing such a splendid idea!

  8. What family fun! My family never went camping growing up but I did with Girl Scouts. I think it is a wonderful tradition.


  9. What a great checklist! It looks so pretty I almost want to take my kids camping! 🙂

    • Trust me Karen, if you’re well organized, it could be the best vacation for your family in terms of time together and budget. Let me know if you guys decide to go. 🙂


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