Christmas cookies

Can you tell what’s on my mind today?

Source: via Epic on Pinterest


So, have you started your holiday baking yet?



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      My hubby LOVES cookies so much that I’d have to hide the baking at a neighbours house to stop him from finishing them all. Suffice it to say, I have not started baking yet Camille. :)

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    Hello from Thursdays Favorite Things. All of these cookies look so yummy. Me and my kids plan to make holiday cookies this year but they will probably taste better than they look! LOL

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    Visiting via WW today. All I can say is, “WOW!” These cookies are absolutely beautiful…too beautiful to eat, but I wouldn’t have a problem making a feast on them nor would anyone else in my family. lol Did you make these? The iced sugar cookies are so lovely and the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is so cute. Now, you got me wanting to make cookies and I have in mind making my Chocolate Covered Cherries today, too. lol Come by when you can, I’d love to have you stop by. Don’t forget to bring the cookies with you! I’ll provide the coffee. =D

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    Oh, yum… I’m afraid to start baking too early, lest I be tempted to eat it all myself instead of sharing as planned–there’s not enough room in my freezer to store it.

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    coming in from An Aloha Affair im your new follower.would love if you follow me too .:)

    i havent started baking yet but you have just made me soooooo Hungry that im off to make shopping list for holiday baking they all look so yummy
    hugs xo

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