Tropical Getaway

I woke up to a chilly morning here and realized that I would much rather be relaxing on a beach, listening to the waves, rather than bundling up to face the cold.  The scary part, it’s only November.  What am I going to do by the time February rolls around?  If you’re also feeling bummed out by the weather, here are some photos to brighten your day!

Source: via Epic on Pinterest

Source: via Epic on Pinterest

Source: via Epic on Pinterest


So epic readers, where would you rather be today?

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  1. says

    Tell me about it… I hate the winter and it is only just starting, the thought of months of this makes me want to hibernate in my bed. If I had the choice I would be living somewhere a little closer to the centre of the globe so that I can see my beloved sunshine more often.


  2. says

    Well yesterday (since it is officially after midnight) I was content where I was. My cousin was in town, so the husband, kids and I joined her and our grandma for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Good food and good company. Since today is less likely to repeat that, I have to say I want to be right where the first and last pictures are. Oh the first looks sp incredibly perfect and relaxing. Maybe someday the husband and I could go someplace like that.

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