October 12, 2012

International Day of the Girl

Today, October 11th was international day of the girl.  This day was created by the United Nations to recognize girls in developing countries who are denied their basic rights, their right to an education; their right to earn a decent living and pull themselves out of poverty; their right to become respected leaders in their society.  I have a daughter who I want to be keenly aware of the plight her many-hued sisters around the world face everyday.  I want her to know she is not powerless to help.  She can make a difference; I can make a difference; we can make a difference!  One girl at a time.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • Celebrate the Day of the Girl. Learn all about the Day of the Girl and why it’s an important step in standing up for girls’ rights around the world.
  • Raise your hand for girls’ education. Raise YOUR hand if you believe every girl deserves an education, and tell the United Nations to put girls’ education at the top of the global agenda!
  • Sign up for their eNewsletter Stay in the loop with Because I am a Girl, by signing up for their newsletter! Every month you’ll get a collection of stories from our website, blog, and social media channels.
  • Start a Club. Led by girls in middle and high schools with the support and supervision of a staff person, Because I am a Girl clubs aim to empower girls to support each other and stand up for the rights of all girls everywhere.
  • Join the Speakers’ Bureau. Girls between the ages of 14-22 get the opportunity and training to advocate for girls’ rights. Be part of the international effort to change the lives of girls around the world.
  • Spread the Word. Download presentation tools and other digital tools to help you tell others about the importance of the Because I am a Girl initiative!
  • Join them on Social Media. Help them reach their goal of 1 million members – spread the word online to your friends, family, and networks.
  • Be a virtual volunteer. A great way to get involved with Because I am a Girl is to pick their Facebook posts for one day!

Click here to read stories of girls around the world who will rescue themselves from the challenges they face.

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