Top 5 Family Halloween Costumes

With halloween just around the corner, many parents are stocking up on candy, dusting off decorations and looking for costumes. Instead of doing all the work and letting the kids have all the fun, why not stroll your neighbourhood as a family decked out in one of my top 5 family halloween costume picks. You’ll create marvellous memories for years to come.

1. Star Wars


2. How does my garden grow

Source: via Epic on Pinterest


3. The Incredibles


4. BLT


5. Down on the farm


So what will you child be dressed like for Halloween this year?

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    • says

      Honestly Michelle, I think Pintrest is sparking many peoples imaginations. For instance, my 3 year old daughter will be a peacock for halloween, I saw it on Pintrest and got so excited about it. Also, this was the time for a costume like that. After all, before you know it she’s going to be old enough to enforce what she wants to wear for halloween and it won’t be a pretty little peacock. :)

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