September 3, 2012

Looking cool for back to school

Dear fashionistas,

With back to school just around the corner, one of the questions on your mind would naturally be, “What should my kids wear on that all-important first day of school?”  Well, here are some of the season’s biggest back-to-school trends that are sure to suit your child’s personal style.   Remember, there’s no need to break the bank buying everything offered in stores right now.  Instead, find a few key pieces that you can mix and match with their current wardrobe and keep your eyes open for sale items that you can pick up later on.  Check out the slide show at the bottom of this article for tangible ways to pair these trends with your existing pieces to pull together some great new looks for this school year. Happy Shopping!

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Char (also known as Epic Mom)



Coloured denim: Colour is key for fall. Explore the rainbow of colours like Gap’s “summer azalea,” “electric jade,” “brilliant blue” and “orange nectar.” Even shoes now come in bold, look-at-me shades that will be difficult to ignore. Some hot colours to look for are, tangerine, hot pink, ultramarine green, rose smoke and titanium.

Prints: The bolder the better is the mantra this season. Check out new styles featuring animal prints, polka dots, super thin stripes, tribal prints and other funky patterns.

Rugby stripes: Whether on a T-shirt, rugby shirt or accessories, these bold stripes add a sporty flair to fall. Pair your shirt with your favourite denim bottom, layer it under a hoodie or throw your striped scarf around your neck.  This fashion trend will definitely help you make a statement without saying a word.

Cardigans: Whether they have classic lines or feminine accents, cardigans are the perfect way to top off your look. Layer them over graphic Tees or printed tops for even more versatility.

Western-inspired shirts: Add a denim or plaid shirt with trendy details like fitted sleeves or a tied waist to your wardrobe for a fun new look.

Accessories: Polish off your look with chunky bracelets, multi-layered necklaces, flowered headbands, ballet flats in shiny colours or leopard prints, chunky platforms or knit beanie hats.


Coloured denim: Yes, the color craze has crept into guys’ fashion, too. Try topping it with a graphic T-shirt to give your little guy a geek chic flair.

Polos: Sport the varsity look with a striped or plain polo paired with your everyday jeans.

Cardigans: Add to your preppy wardrobe with a cardigan. Grab one in stripes, one of the hottest patterns for guys this season. If that feels a bit too formal then make it funky by layering it over a graphic Tee.
Western-inspired shirts: Even though this is another trend that mirrors the girls, dudes should wear it with rolled-up sleeves and cowboy detailing such as snap fastenings etc.

Accessories: Polish off your back-to-school gear with a pair of cool high-top sneakers in a retro style and a knit beanie hat.

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