April 30, 2012

‘The Hunger Games’ inspires fabulous formal fashions

The Hunger Games - Formal Fashion Inspirations


Dear fashionistas,

The Hunger Games movie showcased a fantastic plethora of interesting fashions. I think that even if I watched the movie a million more times, I would still find something new, innovative and fashion forward draping the limbs of the citizens of the capitol.

As we are rather quickly coming up on prom and wedding season, what better time to showcase a few Hunger Games inspired fashions. So darling, if you are on a hunt for some fabulous fashions inspired by the movie, then look no further.

For women, try a dress with an asymmetrical neckline and interesting details like ruffles or a feather layered effect. These Dalia MacPhee creations below will give you the ‘Hunger Games’ look without the capitol cost.  Consider colours like red, orange, yellow, lilac or blush. Don’t forget to accessorize with flowers, butterflies, and fascinators to add polish to your look.  Check out my pintrest board entitled: Fashionably Chic for more formal dress inspirations.

For men, try something a bit out of the proverbial box, like wearing a suit in a bold colour or a charcoal, white or black suit with a bit of shimmer to it.  For some more dressy inspirations that will suit the man in your life, check out my pintrest board entitled: Men’s Formal Fashion.


FYI: For all of you Hunger Games fans, if you want to explore more fashions from the movie, head on over to the fashion website Capitol Couture, where there will never be a dearth of Hunger Games fashion to explore.

Ciao for now,

From the friendly fashionista

Char (also known as Epic Mom)

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