March 18, 2012

My God is not dead

Recently, I’ve had some disturbing conversations with a couple teens and twenty somethings in my life.  From these talks, I’ve felt my heart sadden and ache for them.  Sometimes it feels like their struggles are so overwhelming and I feel my voice getting hoarse from entreating them to view their bodies as beautiful gifts from God and to treat them as such.  I yearn for their salvation even as I accept that I am powerless to make that happen for them.  I look around at the messages they are bombarded with and worry.

“My help comes from the Lord”*, so I’ve decided to pray.  I need to let go and let God work within them.  Change them.  Prune them.  Grow them up.  I do not have the power…but God does.  As my spirit and heart settled on this word I was given this wonderful affirmation and it soothed my worried soul.  “He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion!  My God is not dead!  He’s surely alive!”   I know he has the power to do great and remarkable things through these young women so I will continue to pray!

Newsboys – God’s Not Dead (Official Music Video) from emimusic on GodTube.

*Psalm 121:2 NIV


  1. Great. Now you got this song stuck in my head. lol. I love it though.

    • It’s a pretty awesome song. I’ve just discovered another artist that rocks. A bunch of his music is now on a worship cd compilation that I made for my kids. I’m going to try and find a video to embed in a post on my site. Check back here when you can, I’m telling you, you’ll love this artist’s music.

  2. Thank you for putting this up C:
    It makes me so happy to know that there are still people who truly believe this! There is so much negativity regarding not just God but Religion in general. Why aren’t people allowed to have their own opinions anymore?

    • Thank you so much for saying this Sam. In spite of the sometimes negative reactions I get from sharing my faith, I’ve chosen to be true to myself. After all, this is my small corner of the blogosphere, and I should be able to fully be me. I believe in God, I believe He died for my sins, I love Him and I choose not to hide it! 🙂

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song… not a fan of the Newsboys’ version, but still one of my favorite worship songs!! (I prefer the version by Kristian Stanfill)

    Thanks for sharing your blog w/ me.. (found you on Bloggy Mom)

    Many blessings,

  4. This is really a great picture you have and aside from that the message is much more greater. It reminds me how great our God. Thank you so much. I added you in my list hope you add me back. Thank you

  5. I absolutely love the photo with the lion. What an inspiring post. I try so hard to instill this belief unto my 14 year old son. Great message that needs to be shared.

    • Thanks Lucy. It’s not easy raising a teenager and instilling your values and morals in them. But it will be very rewarding when one day you wake up and realize, he’s a strong man of God, grounded in his faith. Hang in there sister!

  6. What a beautiful message! I also struggle, as i hear of my own niece and nephews turning away from faith in our Lord; and the trials it brings to their life, and how hopeless and miserable and lost they feel. It breaks my heart, when if they could turn back to the Lord, he would guide them to happiness. But I am like you,l I cannot change it. I can only pray for them and allow God to work inside their hearts.

    Thank you for sharing your message on my Sunday’s Virtues Linky

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