March 9, 2012

Boys Fashion – Shades of Grey

Every season, I love checking out all the fabulous fashions for kids. What I don’t like, is having to buy more pieces to build up my growing toddlers wardrobe than I absolutely need to. So a trick that I’ve used over the last three years is to ‘get back to basics’.  How do I do that, you may ask?  By intentionally bypassing some of those adorable, bright, colourful pieces that make us go ‘awww’, and choosing some key outfits for our kids each season in basic colours.  Today I will be showing you some pieces (in shades of grey) that you can use to build up your son’s wardrobe. These pieces look great as stand alone outfits or whether you mix and match them.

[singlepic id=593 w=640 h=500 mode=watermark float=center]


Basics for Boys
Quiksilver, AllSaints, Gap, Converse, Star Kids
Basic clothing for boys – focusing on the colour gray.

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For tips on how to build your daughter’s wardrobe please check out my post on Girls Fashion – Shades of Grey.

And please leave a comment below letting us know what your favourite colour is to put on your child!




  1. Gray looks really cute on your little man! 🙂

  2. Hey girl, you’ve got lots of fabulous stuff for boys. Its really nice for boys but sadly its not available in our town. Hope I could get one for my nephew this will looks good to him 🙂

  3. This shade of gray for boys, I never tried it to my son. Maybe because we only have limited stuff here for boys. Most stuff for boys are colored brightly.

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