February 22, 2012

Innocence & Authenticity

This morning as I watched my toddlers, I was moved to capture them on film. Life moves so fast and kids grow up so quickly that I am challenging myself to photograph my babies at least once a week for the next while. I want to soak up every nuance of who they are, (tired, smiling, sleepy, silly, cranky, jumping for joy).   I want to capture them as they are – their innocence and authenticity.  Using the medium of photography, I ultimately want this series to be a love letter to my precious children.

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  1. Char, your kids are so beautiful! It’s so important to capture those moments. I just wish it was easy for me to take my son’s picture these days. It’s not like how it was when he was a little chubby baby, not moving around so much. haha.

    • Thanks Lindsay! The only way I could capture those moments with my kids was because they had just woken up and were still a little sleepy. Once they’re fully awake, they run around like little energizer bunnies, especially JD!-)

  2. Those are great shots.

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  3. Great shots! Adorable faces!

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  4. So sweet! They will appreciate it when they are all grown up!!

  5. Hi,

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    I look forward to seeing you.


  6. This is a great idea! I look back on pictures of my kids when they were little (they are now 9,7 and 5) and I can hardly recognize them 🙁 It goes by way too fast!!!! You are SO going to cherish these pics!

  7. I think you captured it! and what precious gifts they are!!

  8. Beautiful kids you got there! Love these shots!

    • Thanks Jaymi! I’m so glad you commented and I was able to visit your site. I’ll be bookmarking it so I can read all of your fabulous tips and look at your wonderful photographs!

  9. I love the quality of these images. They have a timeless look to them. I don’t know what you did in post processing, but it is well done.

    • Thank you so much! Hubby just saw the first shot of our daughter and was marvelling about how the picture looks like a childhood picture of his grandmother. I’m really excited to keep discovering my kids through a more focused lens!

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