November 15, 2011

Bad Behaviour

 It’s amazing how some days your kids are absolute angels.  They are well mannered, on their best behaviour, saying please and thank you without any prompting.  You can’t help but give yourself a pat on the back, after all, it’s your unceasing, diligent reminders that yield such wonderful rewards.  Then there are the days when a tantrum comes out of nowhere, in the most public place and you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole (click here for that story).  

In between those two extremes, there is a space where parents allow themselves the grace to shake their heads and crack a smile at some bad behaviour their kid did – not while the kid’s watching of course.  That space can hold opportunities for instruction, and opportunities for learning to laugh as a family.  Most days, this is the space where we live and we are happy with that space because it tells us that we have lots of room to grow, as individuals and as a family.  In the video below, I will show three examples of bad behaviour that my toddlers exhibit that also makes me crack a smile.  



To my epic readers, holla at me and let me know what bad behaviours you’ve seen your toddlers exhibit that even though you still scold them, you also can’t help but crack a smile!-)


  1. Although not a toddler (which probably makes it worse), it seems every time I ask my 5 year old to use his “best” behavior, he comes up with a new definition of “best” which does not match up with mine. Which I could live with at home, but its the public definition of “best” that makes the judging looks that much more unpleasant. Thanks for sharing…and your kids really are adorable.

    • It seems like that’s the way it always is. Sometimes I wonder if I should use reverse psychology with mine (lol). I guess we should keep on plugging away with encouraging their best behaviour. After all, they can’t be like this when they’re 21 can they?

  2. OMG your kids are so cute. I would never be able to punish them. I’ve never thought of utilizing a paci clip like a toddler leash, though. That looked pretty effective.

    • Thanks Dana! And as for the paci clip toddler leash, isn’t Brie inventive…that idea is going to make millions and put them both through university!-)

  3. Oh yeah- they go from sweet infant to this stage so quickly don’t they ??!! Fun video my “fashion twin” 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m a new follower! Absolutely loved the video! And your kids are adorable!!

    Cheers! (blog)

  5. So true. Doesn’t is seem like they are the worst when you really need them to behave?

    -Veronica (I follow back)

  6. Yep, my kids do all of these. I caught my youngest on my laptop just today watching vlogs.

    • She’s got excellent taste! Maybe she’ll start a vlog talk meme the baby edition…actually I’m a little bit scared thinking of what the kids would post about us!-)

  7. This is so true–I sometimes wonder if it is really the same kid. She can be so sweet and say thank you mama at the top of her lungs for the smallest thing. Then another day the only words I seem to hear out of her is “I won’t” or “I can’t” or the infamous “No mama.”


    • It’s like they’re all in cahoots! Like they whispered it among the grapevine of the delivery room and have been re-inforcing the message at every play date since then!-)

  8. Ha! I love the PSA. We’re a family full of binky stealers. Myself included. Just kidding. 😉

  9. What is with these kids climbing on the furniture?? I’m glad to see someone else stealing the binkies too. Mine do that and it grosses me out!

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