November 9, 2011

Zellers goes out with a bang

I have been doing some super sleuthing and I’ve found out some facinating news! Now this news is not for the faint at heart. It is news of epic deals and savings in a time of frugality and recession. Gather round fellow bargin hunters and I will tell you this epic tale.

It has come to my attention that Zellers will close many of their stores in 2012 to make way for other retailers. Subsequently, they will be approaching their Holiday campaign a little differently than most this year…by letting their customers run it. There must be some mistake you say! But no, hear me out. Zellers Facebook fans will be able to set the sale prices of merchandise.  They will also be able to do everything from picking the in-store music playlist to recording and uploading their own Zellers radio spots.   Plus, they will have access to exclusive offers and deals only available to community members!

Why you ask? According to VP Debbie Ford, “we wanted to make this campaign successful and memorable, and in many ways acknowledge the contribution that our customers and associates have made to our success over the years. We thought this was a novel, fun and very engaging way to do it.”

Well my fellow bargin hunters, I would stay and talk a while longer but I’m off to ‘set the sale’ on the Zellers Festive Finale Page!  To check out more of the story follow the link below.

This post is sponsored by Zellers.


  1. Where is there a Zellers? The only one I know of is in Canada…I will check out your link–thanks!

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