November 8, 2011

Fashion Trends Vlog

Fashion is totally subjective but still illicits strong likes and dislikes.  In this vlog, I explore fashion from my perspective in the last few years since having my babies.  There are some trends that compel you to try them and there are others that you want to avoid like the plague.  I will show you some trends that I had absolutely no interest in pulling off. Other trends that I couldn’t wait to try and the subsequent lessons I learned along the way.

To my epic readers, holla at me and let me know what trends you’ve liked over the last few years and what trends you could totally do without!-)


  1. Love it and great advice! Figure out your style and work it!

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. Well done! I am impressed 🙂 And totally with you on the trend hates and loves. I HATE crop tops almost more than anything…

  3. Wow! Very fancy and catchy little Vlog you got going on there! I love the way you describe your sense of style and that last shot of you in the burnt orange dress–too cute!

  4. I am always judge by how I look because I look so young. I always feel like I’m playing dress up when I am really dressed up lol

  5. Isn’t it something how trends change, and some draw us in while others make us cringe?! lol
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it!
    (following from

  6. I think the blue fur on my hips would be good for wiping noses. (I know, eww!) But really, blue furry hips?

  7. I don’t have a vlog, yet. The only comment I get from my students is that I dress like an English teacher and not a math teacher. Not sure what that means, but it’s interesting. Have a great SITS day. Off to teach High School Math.

  8. I’m so not trendy…but I’m fine with it. I have tried to update my look with nicer, “dressier” jeans and more feminine tops and t-shirts, instead of just one of my beer/university/national park t-shirts. My style is simple and interchangeable.

    Also – you rock the styles you were wearing.

  9. Love that red coat!!
    So much that I need to go find one!

    • It’s perfect for the holiday season. I always wanted to wear chic white coats for the winter season (crazy right) but now that I have kids, there’s noooooo way!!! So the red coat is my new go to outerwear. I love that it always gives you that pop of colour that you need by your face. Feel free to ask my opinion if you find yourself stuck between two red coats and you need a deciding vote…I love to help my friends shop!-)

  10. Great tips & trends! I think feeling comfortable in your skin is so very important.

    • Thanks Elena! I think confidence comes from feeling comfortable in your skin too. Btw, you are definitely not too fat for fashion and I can prove it to you whenever you’re ready!

  11. Love it! I wish I had more time to actually have a sense of style lol! I spend most of my time in mommy pants and tshirts.

    I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog! 🙂

    • Trust me Meg, I wear my share of mommy pants and t-shirts too. After all, I would look totally weird running around the playground in designer duds and heels chasing my one year old who’s eventually going to wipe his runny nose all over me! That’s why I can never wait for date night (when we’re actually going out, not just sitting on the couch watching videos…that would be weird right!-)
      Thanks so much for the VB award, girl you rock!

  12. I love your fashion style so much more than the ones you showed at first. I can’t believe people actually wear some of that stuff. I just don’t see how or why.

  13. You totally said it all!!!! Love this video & your fashion picks!!!

  14. I agree that some of the trends today are just too far out there for me to try! I wish I had more fashion sense. I’d love to try some more of the bold looks, but I never know what looks good.

    Thanks for joining us!

    • Trial and error is the best way to go Kimberly. I did a lot of that after I had the babies because all my ‘go to looks’ didn’t work with my post baby body.
      You know your body best hon; so trust your fashion instincts! P.S when in doubt just ask Kurt; he will tell you that you look fabulous, and that’s all that we as women really need to hear!-) Thanks for the vlog linky!

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