September 13, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares Vlog

Generally speaking, I absolutely love my house.  Since we’ve been married, hubby and I have done some pretty amazing projects in our house and around our property.  The project that turned out to be the most work and is hands down our favourite project to date, is the fireplace we made in our upstairs living room.  Here are some pictures of our project, start to finish.

This is hubby’s CAD drawing of my vision for the fireplace

Here’s the final project of our ‘green’ version of a modern fireplace. It is a subway tiled stone fireplace that burns a corn ethanol gel that produces a water vapour effluent.  It does have a real flame but it doesn’t produce smoke therefore it doesn’t require a chimney.

While we’ve tackled and completed many cool projects, the bane of my existence has been our kitchen backsplash.  Having kids has curtailed our home project ambitions but every day I see that backsplash I dream of the day when I can take a sledgehammer and make my kitchen backsplash go from zero to hero!

O.k, enough stalling, readers brace yourselves; here is a terrifying look at my kitchen nightmare…p>

So readers let’s dish, what would you change about your house?


  1. I love the fireplace and with the curtains and chairs! perfection. following you <3

  2. Love the short video. One day I hope to have my kitchen redone as well!! It’s going to take time before that happens because we have so many other projects that need to be done first. However, I’d love to see your finished kitchen when your done.
    The fireplace looks great. 🙂

  3. Guess you like white kitchens and subway tile. 🙂 Not sure what my dream kitchen looks like, but you have inspired me to figure it out.
    Take care!

  4. Eek! Those kitchens are terrifying. They remind me of my sister’s apartment in New York. It was dinghy and weird plus super expensive! What I would like to change in my house are the cabinets. They’re a little older and they’ve been painted several times over. I’m considering stripping the paint off and start over again.

    Blog hop friend over here 🙂

  5. Hi I just found you through a blog hop. I rented a house once that looked like the high yellow one on your video.
    Oh I could not stand it.

  6. where on earth did you find those ugly kitchens!!! my dream kitchen is white with lovely white marble counter tops.

    • Oh Cam, you’d be surprised at the lenghts I went through to bring you a glimpse of those atrocities they called kitchens. On the other hand, your dream kitchen sounds marvellous!

  7. Those ugly kitchens were terrible. Loved your dream kitchens though. Those were awesome. My kitchen was remodeled before I bought my house so it’s not bad but I would still like to redo it and make it my own. #OneDay

  8. That may be the best vlog I have seen. I am loving your music choices! Good job!!

  9. Sad Sunflowers in kitchen = Sad Kitchen

    That is what I learned. Sad too, I love sunflowers. But at least you have perspective and none of those truly hideous kitchens. =)

    Loved the horror flick sound of it at the beginning!

  10. Great editing and music selection. What sad sunflowers, indeed. Hope your dreams come true soon! And one note – I kinda liked the rainbow tile backsplash in the bad kitchens part 😉 The rest? No, thanks!

    • Oh Mrs. Weber, say it isn’t so! The rainbow tile was a hit with you. Don’t worry hon, I keep your secret…I’m grabbing the lock…it’s in the vault!-)

  11. Holy cow- those are some interesting kitchens. Thanks for putting it all in perspective 🙂

  12. Awww…
    I hope you get your glorious kitchen soon!!
    We lucked out and have a pretty nice kitchen, but have a lot of work to do on our carpets (meaning I want them gone!)

    • You’re so lucky you have a great kitchen Leighann. I guess the constructive thing to do is to use this time to plan and dream about all the awesome things I would do if I could change my kitchen. Off to hunt down some paper and a pen…. 🙂

  13. AGHHH. My grandma had that same sunflower backsplash….that probably doesnt help does it? At least you dont have an all purple kitchen–yuck!

    • That so doesn’t help Jessica. Great, now I have to live with the fact that even though your nana was stylin’ for her day and time I’m just striking out with my played out sunflower backsplash. Maybe I’ll just go around telling all my friends that it’s retro and I’m just cutting edge and hip!-)

  14. Trust me, I hear ya on the kitchen dreams. When we bought our house in 2001, I swore it was the first thing I’d do. Still the same kitchen. My stove is electric – which I hate. And also only 2 burners work. We’ll dream of great kitchens together. 😉

    • Oh Elena, I’m sorry about your electric stove with the 2 working burners…oh the horror. Let’s make a pact, if we don’t get at least one thing done in our kitchen’s in the next five years ten years, we’re going to make signs and picket on our respective lawns until our husbands give in and jump on board of our individual reform the kitchen project.

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