June 9, 2011

Epic Guest Host for Finding New Friends Blog Hop

It is Electric Week Eleven (hehe) of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop hosted by Shelly from My Saving Game and Jeannette from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug! Thank you all for helping make this hop so successful! We love you tons! Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get to hopping! We are finding some fabulous blogs through this hop and having a great time getting to know so many of you! So thank you for linking up again this week to those of you who are hop veterans and welcome to those who are new! Let’s continue to make new bloggy friends and increase our traffic! We do have a few simple rules for you – nothing too tough though. So here we go:

1. Please follow your hostesses My Saving Game and The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug. Leave us a comment and we will follow you back! (If you already follow us on GFC, we’d LOVE it if you would follow us on Facebook or Twitter.)
2. Please follow our guest co-host who this week is Char from The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom…(Hey y’all, that’s me!!!)
3. You don’t have to post our button but we sure would like it if you did. Not only does it help our hop grow so we can all get new followers, but each week we will choose a guest co-host and to be considered you must have our button somewhere on your site! If you post our button and want to be considered for guest co-host, please email me at jmanandmillerbug@gmail.com to express your interest.
4. You can link up blogs, facebook, twitter accounts, whatever – just be sure to specify what each link is.
5. Hop around and find blogs that you enjoy. Be sure to tell them you are following them from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop so they can follow you back!
6. Have fun!

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  1. new follower from the finding new friends blog hop.great blog.

  2. Hi from your latest follower. Just calling by from Sunday Blog hops. Be sure to check out me out at http://www.autismconnects.blogspot.com. Sarah

  3. I’m following with GFC, would love it if you’d like to follow/like me too:


    • Hi Kristina, I’m also trying to become that Proverbs woman…it’s hard though (but I guess all good things are). I’m now following on GFC and liked you on FB.

  4. Hi! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower on GFC and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  5. Congrats on the co-host gig! 😀 Already following you through GFC and Twitter. Going to link up now!!!!


  6. Following from blog hop, please come visit Cedar Hill Ranch. I hope you will follow what’s going on at the ranch.

  7. Hi! I am your newest follower and newest linker! 🙂 Thanks for hosting this fun hop!
    Camille @

  8. New follower! This is my first blog hop! TY for co-hosting!I am new to blogging and mine is is in the kindergarden stages. Please check it out http://bessiejeanmomma.blogspot.com/

    I would LOVE a follow!

  9. I am following on GFC, Twitter, and FB! Please follow back if you get a chance!

    • I Steph, I’m now following you on GFC, FB and Twitter too! Thanks a bunch for popping by and linking up, come on back anytime you want!

  10. New follower from the weekend blog hop! Great blog!

  11. Yay, blogger is finally working!! I am now for sure following you. #205. Thanks for hosting the hop. Hopefully the rest of it goes smoothly!

  12. Your GFC is back! Followed…

  13. Hi, I am a new follower from the hop! 🙂

  14. Found you at FNF and following you! Have fun hopping!

  15. Such a great idea! I’m #163, check out my blog when you have a chance, I’m just getting started!

    • Hi Lacee,
      Welcome to the blogosphere! I know you went back and forth before deciding to blog, and I did too. My honest opinion after a couple months in – this is a great way to express yourself (especially when your kids are too young to have mastered the art of conversation), there are some amazing moms and dads out there who are going through or have gone through the same things and they are super supportive and encouraging. As a sahm sometimes you have to build your community in an unconventional way and so far this way has been great for me! I’m now following you on Facebook and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  16. Darling Char, you’re DIVINE! Thanks for hosting and I’m looking forward to meeting some fab new friends… xoxo P.S. Congrats on Co-Hosting, you’re famous!

  17. Shar,

    Congrats on the guesthost spot!


    • Hey Babymama, you and Ava looked fabulous on your lunch date this week (isn’t it great when we can get out of the back yard?). And I love her ‘vintage’ hair clip!

  18. This is my first blog hop! Thanks for the invite via Mom Bloggers Club!
    I’m now following you on Twitter.

  19. Hi, dropped by to follow you but I don’t think your GFC is working. I was here yesterday too. I will check back again. I hope it gets fixed!


  20. Hi! Dropping by from the hop…bummer about the GFC…I’ll keep your link up and hopefully it will be working later!!!

    FEel free to drop by Always Just A Mom!


    • Hi Stephanie, I’m following you on FB! How did you wean your kids off of their binky by the way?

      • Thanks for the FB follow :)! The whole binky thing…one night (on a Friday so I had back up over the weekend) at naptime I said the binky fairy had come to take their binkies. She wanted to see if they were “big boys” and would be able to nap without them. They did great. I tried again at bedtime…a little cranky…but no crying. They wanted me to talk to the binky fairy about bringing them back…so I said I could call her after they fell asleep. They went to bed. It’s been over since then…they do ask every night if she brought them back…we check the little container I kept them in and I say, “Nope, she must really think you guys are doing great.” and that’s that. I don’t really know how I lucked out. I did wait until they were 2 and 3 and the boys only were using them for naps and bedtime (I restricted them to only sleeping after 1 year.).

        Hope that helps :)!

        • That’s great Stephanie! Maybe I’ll wait a little bit longer before taking them away so I can do it like you did – at the same time! Seriously, if I dared to take my daughter’s away and left her brother with his, she would probably tackle him like she’s on a football field just to get a suck. They’re also only using them for naps and bedtime so like you, waiting till they’re 2 and 3 seems like the best thing to do. Wish me luck girlfriend!

          • yup! there was no way I was taking it away from the 3 year old and not the 2 year old…holy fight night at our house!!

            Good luck! It’s like anything else it seems horrible and then two days later you realize…that wasn’t so bad?!

            Have a great weekend!!!

  21. New follower via email because GFC is not working for me! I will see an email from you and follow via GFC in a few days! Found you on friday + weekend hops! I would LOVE it if you would check out my blog in return and follow <3

    • Hi Cassondra, I’m following you on FB for now. And I just love the pictures you took of your boys at the cabin…they’re super cute!

      • thank you! i love taking pictures. i need a better camera. a cheapie isnt working anymore! with moving children, you get lots of blur! LOL.
        so … gfc is still not working! i dont get it. it seems to happen every weekend during weekend blog hops!

        • Isn’t that crazy about GFC. Anyway, I also seem to get a lot of blur with my camera but with me it’s less about the camera and more about my energy bound kids refusing to stay still and get their picture taken! Oh Cassondra, the things we do to capture memories!-)

  22. I am a new follower from the FNF blog hop. So fun that you get to co-host the blog hop. Hope everything goes well for you.

    Kadie @ Seven Alive


  23. Thanks for hosting! Following you and I am adding your button to my Blog Buddies page!

  24. New Facebook & Twitter Follower. Thanks for Co-Hosting the Hop!

  25. Following you from the blog hop. Congrats on being the featured blog. Way to go!

    Would love a visit. http://www.theresagrisanti.com
    aka It’s a Mom’s World

    • Thanks Theresa! Btw, love your post about CSA – my sister-in-law is an organic CSA farmer. Keep up the good job promoting ‘green’ options out there in the blogosphere!

  26. Hi, dropping in for the hop. I liked you on fb, but couldn’t get GFC to load on your page :-(. I’ll check back by and try again! Hope you’ll visit me at http://EverythingBeautifulInItsTime.com!

    • Hey Laura, I’m now following you on Networked Blogs and Twitter. I also left a comment for you asking when I should start piano lessons with my kids…I should mention that my daughter is two but they have a rich hundred year plus history of piano players on her father’s side of the family (oh, the pressure lol). So, what’s your professional opinion?

      • Thanks for the follow! Personally, I like to start students when they are in 1st grade and will occasionally start a bright kindergartner. Some teachers take them earlier, but I find it problematic. Actually, I wrote a post about this recently at The Piano Studio. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/lCBni4 The best thing to do is to get to know a good teacher in your area, and consult with them. I’ll be writing about how to find a good teacher soon, so stay tuned!

        • Thanks for the information Laura and I will definitely check out the post that you wrote. So far I’ve been thinking about starting Brie with Suzuki, if you have written any posts about the different teaching styles and what works best for different kinds of kids – then definitely send them my way!

  27. Hey Char! Saw that you’re co-hosting the hop this week! This is a great hop to be part of — Jeannette is such a sweetheart! I co-hosted over Memorial Day Weekend, but Google Friend Connect broke down right when the hop went live, and hardly anyone was able to actually follow. I’m hoping to co-host again in the future! I’m sure it will work out really well for you! Enjoy the flood of new visitors!


    • Awww, thanks Jenn! You’re absolutely right, Jeannette is such a sweetheart! Well, it seems like Google Friend Connect is taking another hiatus (boo GFC) lol. Anyway, it’s lovely to ‘see’ your friendly face in the comment section!

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