May 23, 2011

It’s A Wrap

Summer is a time of sun kissed cheeks, teasing breezes, clouds drifting across skies, pool parties, barbeques and picnics with the ones we love. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to in the summer but one thing most of us dread is our Über nemesis…the swimsuit. At the beginning of the year I was certain that if I just applied myself at the gym and cut out junk food from my diet I would get rid of my post baby bulge by this summer. No problem right, after all, I have six months to do it. Well, Buffalo wings, Chinese food, chocolate and ice cream bars have not helped one bit. I have decided to face the facts…it is impossible to look like a Victoria Secret super model in the next few weeks, but I can look like the best me possible. So here goes: if I can’t get a six pack for summer, I will still be looking smokin’. My solution: A wrap! Ingenious you say! Well it is, thank you very much. My way of looking at it is, if you can’t tone it down, you might as well wrap it up in a great package! So step aside swimsuit, there’s a new star in town.


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    Have a great day!!!

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  3. Popping in from Wordless Wednesday! Adorable blog!!! LOVE IT!!!
    xo Marissa @ multitaskingmarissa

  4. I’m with you on this. I will be using the wrap this summer too…LOL!

  5. I am now a follower from the hop!! Hope you follow back 🙂

    Mommy Kerin

  6. gorgeous wraps. that’s such a great idea. i’m not where near in shape for beach season but i LOVE the beach… so i guess i need to find myself a wrap.

  7. LOVE Swim suit cover ups!!! One of my favorites-plus I get tons of compliments-is my husbands old white button up shirts! They are free (just grab it out of his side of the closet), wear it unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled at about 3/4 length… I think it is kinda sexy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog this past weekend!

    • Great idea Christine, I will try that this summer. I have a feeling my husband is going to love that idea for a wrap (hubba hubba), lol!-)

  8. I love your blog layout! It’s so cute!

    Please come visit my blog and follow back! Thanks!

    • Hey Kyna, your photographs are so awesome. Do you take photos professionally? I’m open to tips if you have any; my kids move around so much that it’s hard to get a great shot of them. Btw, I’m now following you back.

      • Ah, that’s so nice of you to say. No, I don’t take pictures professionally. I am so far from being able to do that! For everyone one shot I get that is good, I get at least 50-60 that are horrible, out of focus, etc! The first tip I would give you is you need fast shutter speed. That’s why I got a DSLR when my daughter was born. It definitely helps! And just shoot away….keep shooting, or even put the camera on continuous will get a couple that are good!

        • Hey Kyna,
          A few years ago we bought a Canon Rebel xti. I seem to be able to get some great shots of architechture and plants but for the life of me I can’t seem to get great shots of my kids. It also doesn’t help that they are always on the go and won’t stand still or smile long enough to deliver a winning shot. That being said, a fast shutter speed is a great idea. Keep taking those fabulous shots!

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