April 28, 2011

Royal Fever

I tried to resist the ‘Royal Fever’ as much as I could but I am such a lover of pomp and ceremony that I can’t help it…where is the bandwagon because I am not just jumping on board, I’m launching myself on board. I am currently planning a “Royal Play date” with my girlfriends and their kids to watch the festivities. I sent out a royal evite from the Ladies Char and Brie and Baron JD. Our esteemed guests will be enjoying a plethora of teas, scones and cucumber sandwiches (courtesy of my girlfriend Laura who has been beating herself up for joining the festivities so whole heartedly. She is imagining her Scottish ancestors rolling in their graves as she celebrates with the British monarchy). I will be providing tiaras and crowns for all of my assembled guests to help get them in the mood so that they can get their royal groove on! So, turn on the tube in your home and join us as we watch Will and Kate tie the knot!

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